What is Chuck Gaidica doing now 2020?

What is Chuck Gaidica doing now 2020?

What is Chuck Gaidica doing now 2020?

Chuck is now a frequent keynote speaker, podcast host and spokesperson who looks to inspire people to a long life of wellness.

Is Chuck Gaidica still a pastor?

Gaidica will start as senior pastor at the nine-story English Gothic church, which sits at 8000 Woodward, just north of I-94, on July 1. He replaces the Rev. Ray McGee, who Gaidica said gave “his early and strong support.”

Is Chuck Gaidica a meteorologist?

DETROIT – Former Local 4 meteorologist Chuck Gaidica spoke to Devin Scillian and opened up about his mother’s long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He lost both of his parents this year, including his mother after a long journey through the jungle of Alzheimer’s disease.

Why did Chuck Gaidica retire?

It has been a long and exciting journey but I know in my heart it’s time to pull back on my TV duties so I can switch gears and answer my calling to the ministry,” Gaidica said in a statement issued by Local 4.

Is Chuck gaidica coming back to WDIV?

A year after he said goodbye to WDIV-TV, Chuck Gaidica is coming back to his on-air home.

Is Ben Bailey still on WDIV?

WDIV chief meteorologist Ben Bailey has left the Detroit NBC affiliate after seven years. Bailey, who started working at the station in 2015, said goodbye to viewers on Friday night’s newscast and said the move “hasn’t really been a spur of the moment decision for me.”

When did Chuck gaidica retire?

Gaidica, who retired as the station’s chief weathercaster in August 2014, will return to Local 4 on Sept. 28 as cohost of the morning show “Live in the D.”

Who is the chief meteorologist at WDIV?

Andrew Humphrey
About. Andrew Humphrey, CBM, is an Emmy award winning meteorologist and reporter at WDIV-TV Local 4. He is the first and only Detroit meteorologist with two degrees in meteorology and the first and only broadcast meteorologist in America and the world with a degree in meteorology from MIT.

Why did Ben Bailey quit WDIV?

He did not provide a reason, and the station said the split was amicable. Sources familiar with Bailey’s work situation said he had differences with the NBC affiliate’s workplace Covid policy, which requires the unvaccinated to wear masks. They said he’s not vaccinated.

Why is Ben Bailey leaving WDIV?

Is Paul Gross WDIV married?

Paul and his wife, Nancy, have two adult sons.

Who is leaving WDIV?

reporter Larry Spruill
Broadcast reporter Larry Spruill, who joined WDIV-TV (Channel 4) in 2018 amid a polar vortex, announced Thursday he’s leaving the station.