What is bhakkar famous for?

What is bhakkar famous for?

What is bhakkar famous for?

Bhakkar famous souvenir was Karna oil, which was extracted from karna flower which is also Exported to Middle East.

Which country is bhakkar?


Bhakkar بھكّر
Coordinates: 31°37′40″N 71°3′45″E
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
Division Sargodha

How many Tehsil are there in Bhakkar?

four tehsils
The district has four tehsils: Bhakkar. Darya Khan. Kallurkot.

How many union council are there in Bhakkar?

The district is administratively divided into four Tehsils and 64 Union Councils: Bhakkar. Darya Khan. Kaloorkot.

Is Bhakkar in Sindh?

Bhakkar is a locality in Sindh. Bhakkar is situated nearby to Khaliq Dino Drakhan, and northwest of Banho Khan Sunani.

What is the postal code of Bhakkar?

Bhakkar City Nt, Bhakkar, Punjab – North is located in Pakistan. Its zip code is 30000.

What is postal code of Bhakkar?

When did Mianwali become district?

In November 1989, present day tehsils of Mianwali, Isa Khel and Piplan were separated from Bannu District and districts Bhakkar and Layyah from Dera Ismail Khan District and clubbed together to form a new district named Mianwali with its headquarters in Mianwali city.

How many districts are there in Sargodha Division?

Sargodha city is the administrative headquarter of Sargodha Division. Sargodha District is administratively divided into Seven Tehsils. Following are the seven tehsils of Sargodha district….Demographics.

Sargodha District ضِلع سرگودها
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
Division Sargodha
Headquarters Sargodha

Is Mianwali a Pashtun?

As per the 1998 census of Pakistan, the following are the demographics of the Mianwali district, by spoken language: Punjabi: 72.4% Saraiki: 12% Pashto: 10%