What is another way to say by definition?

What is another way to say by definition?

What is another way to say by definition?

accordingly. as a matter of course. axiomatically. beyond one’s control. by its own nature.

What is the synonym of word define?

demarcate, demark, limit, mark (off), terminate.

What can I use instead of by?

Synonyms of by

  • across,
  • along,
  • alongside,
  • beyond,
  • near,
  • nearby,
  • over.

What’s the meaning of by definition?

Definition of by definition : because of what something or someone is : according to the definition of a word that is being used to describe someone or something A volunteer by definition is not paid.

What do you mean by the word definition?

Definition of definition 1a : a statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol dictionary definitions. b : a statement expressing the essential nature of something. c : a product of defining.

What is another word for made by?

What is another word for made by?

on the part of by
carried out by done by
caused by from
in of
for which someone is responsible

Are through and by the same?

The main difference between Through and By is that Through is the preposition used to indicate a process while By is the preposition used to refer to means of something. Through is the word which indicates a location from one point to another while By indicates the location which is next to it or beyond it.

How do you use the word by?

How to use ‘by’

  1. By is a versatile preposition which can be used in a number of situations.
  2. We use by to show how something is done:
  3. We send a postcard or a letter by post.
  4. We contact someone by phone or by email.
  5. We pay for something by credit card or by cash.
  6. Something happens by mistake, by accident or by chance.

What is means by define?

Definition of define transitive verb. 1a : to determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of whatever defines us as human. b : to discover and set forth the meaning of (something, such as a word) how the dictionary defines “grotesque”

What does being defined by something mean?

If you define something, you show, describe, or state clearly what it is and what its limits are, or what it is like.