What is an English rabbit?

What is an English rabbit?

What is an English rabbit?

The English Spot Rabbit is a medium-sized rabbit, with a short and easy-to-groom coat that is littered with unique spots, giving the breed their name. The English Spot is believed to be one of the oldest breeds of “fancy rabbit” (rabbits kept as pets), but the breed’s exact origin is unknown.

Are English rabbits good pets?

The English Spot Rabbit is a medium breed of rabbit that is known for their show-quality coat but also makes an excellent pet. Gentle, docile and laid-back, these rabbits have a friendly personality and love to be picked up, petted and loved on!

How big do English Spot rabbits get?

5-8 pounds
The English Spot is a medium-sized breed, averaging 5-8 pounds. They are known for their arched body type, with two front paws that lift them off the table showing daylight under the belly. The hips should be well rounded and slightly broader than the shoulders.

What are English Spot rabbits used for?

English Spots have a long history of being used as show rabbit rather than for their pelt, meat or as a pet. Because they are such docile, easy-going animals, they can be easily be a lovely house pet that will give you many years of happiness and memories.

What is a butterfly bunny?

The Butterfly Bunny is a Tropical Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It is available for purchase from McFluffin’s Market for 500. . It can be obtained from level 6 and up.

What age are English Spot rabbits fully grown?

English Spots are typically a medium sized rabbit, reaching an average weight of 3kg at adulthood….Rehoming from a reputable source:

Average lifespan 6-8 years
Possible health problems Dental disease
Average price £20
Estimated cost over lifetime £6,800-£9,000
Average weight 3kg

What two rabbits make a butterfly bunny Tunnel Town?

Breeding Guide

  • Paradise Bunny + Prairie Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Mountain Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Snail Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Leopard Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Zebra Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Mouse Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Skunk Bunny.
  • Paradise Bunny + Wildflower Bunny.

How do you hatch a Roadrunner bunny?

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  1. Paradise Bunny + Dust Bunny.
  2. Paradise Bunny + Sun Bunny.
  3. Paradise Bunny +Jackalope Bunny.
  4. Paradise Bunny + Turtle Bunny.
  5. Dust Bunny + Luck Bunny.
  6. Sun Bunny + Beetle Bunny.
  7. Luck Bunny + Cactus Bunny.
  8. Sun Bunny + Freedom Bunny.