What is a Victorian tussie-mussie?

What is a Victorian tussie-mussie?

What is a Victorian tussie-mussie?

Tussie-mussies, also called nosegays, are bouquets of flowers arranged in concentric circles. In the Victorian era, these posies were selected to send messages of love or friendship. Make a simple tussie-mussie for your sweetheart with both garden-grown and store-bought flowers.

What is a Tudor tussie-mussie?

A simple but beautiful gift you can make for Mother’s Day, Tussie Mussies were made in Tudor times. They were small posies of strong- smelling herbs and flowers. Tussie is a medieval term for knot of flowers and mussie is derived from the moist moss used to keep the flowers fresh.

Why is it called a tussie-mussie?

1. They Have Medieval Roots. A “tussie” is a nosegay, a Middle English word for a small group of flowers held together in a little bouquet and that was held at nose level; “mussie” refers to the moss that was moistened and put around the stems of the flowers to keep them from wilting. Hence the name “tussie-mussie.”

How does a tussie-mussie work?

A tussie mussie is a small flower arrangement of fragrant herbs and blooms. Originally meant to protect the wearer from noxious odors produced by the poor bathing and sanitary conditions of former times, it remained popular for its charm.

What flowers are used in a tussie-mussie?

To make a tussie mussie you will need: good quality, double-sided satin or fabric ribbon / a cotton glove / garden shears / scissors / elastic thread / extra large tapestry needles / 3-inch wide eyelet or lace trim / floral tape / a champagne flute or other vessel / a selection of flowers and greenery: sweetheart roses …

What type of flowers are usually used in a tussie-mussie?

Start with a rose (or three sweetheart rosebuds) for the center, surround it with sprigs of herbs, and bind them together with floral tape. (TIP: The warmth from your hand makes the waxed tape stick to itself as it is stretched around the stems.)

What is the difference between nosegay and corsage?

is that corsage is (obsolete) the size or shape of a person’s body while nosegay is a small bunch of fragrant flowers or herbs, tied in a bundle, often presented as a gift on meeting, and originally intended to be put to the nose for the pleasant sensation, or to mask unpleasant odours.

What is a mini bouquet called?

A posy bouquet is a small, round arrangement of flowers usually held in one hand. These petite bouquets are a common option for bridesmaids.

Why is it called a nosegay?

Nosegay is a homegrown word—that is, it originated in English. 15th-century Middle English speakers joined nose (which meant then what it does today) with gay (which, at the time, meant “ornament”). That makes nosegay an appropriate term for a bunch of flowers, which is indeed an ornament that appeals to the nose.

What was the purpose of a nosegay?

Women carried them in their hands and both men and women wore them on their lapels. Bouquets allowed their bearer to carry the sweet smell of flowers around as a way to escape the smells of everyday life. The term “nosegay” refers to the bouquet’s ability to keep the nose happy.

Why is it called nosegay?