What is a 28 ga good for?

What is a 28 ga good for?

What is a 28 ga good for?

28 Gauge – In popularity, the 28 gauge shotgun ranks third. It’s a lightweight firearm with a modest recoil and is best used for upland and small game hunting. Although ammunition isn’t rare, it’s not as readily available as ammunition for 12 and 20 gauge shotguns.

What is a 28 gauge shotgun shell?

Gear up for upland hunting and skeet shooting with rounds of reliable 28 Gauge Ammo. This shotgun ammunition has very manageable recoil but offers less firepower than 10 gauge or 20 gauge ammo, making it ideal for clay targets, rabbits, quail and other small game.

How powerful is a 28 gauge shotgun?

A six-pound 28-gauge shotgun pushing a ¾ ounce load of lead at 1,200 feet per second (fps) generates less than 13 foot pounds of recoil energy, which is considerably less than the level considered to be the maximum most shooters can comfortably tolerate.

What is a 28 ga?

The standard 2 3/4-inch, 28-gauge load consists of 3/4-ounces of lead shot fired at a velocity of 1200-1300 fps. There are also 7/8- and 1-ounce lead loads, as well as 5/8-ounce steel loads. The skinny 28-gauge hull limits pellet size, so it’s primarily a gun for upland birds and targets.

Which is bigger 410 or 28 gauge?

The heaviest . 410 load contains less shot than the standard 28, and it won’t pattern as well. The 28-gauge makes a much better choice for a small-gauge hunting or target gun, and similarly, it’s a much better first gun than a . 410; it has moderate recoil and is much easier to hit with.

Is 28 gauge the same as 410?

Is a 28 gauge good for squirrel hunting?

28 is great for squirrel, rabbit, quail, grouse IME……and my buddy Marco’s grandsons use it on ducks and geese too.

Is it hard to find 28 gauge shotgun shells?

And, although it’s getting better, cheap 28 gauge shells are difficult to find. Because they’re not a popular round, the price of a box of 28 gauge ammo can be more expensive than other shotguns shells, even the bulkier 12 gauge. To get the best deal, shooters often purchase bulk 28 gauge ammo.