What is 17C Army MOS?

What is 17C Army MOS?

What is 17C Army MOS?

Cyber Operations Specialists (MOS 17C) are tasked with safeguarding Army intelligence and information. They safeguard information by protecting digital data, maintaining security measures like firewalls, and introducing new cyber security.

How long is AIT for 17C?

Job training for a cyber operations specialist requires completing 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and two phases of Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Phase 1 is located in Corry Station, FL, for 25 weeks, and phase 2 is located in Fort Gordon, GA, for 20 weeks.

How difficult is 17C?

It is 10 weeks long, it is physically hard, stressful, and in the words of many graduates, a lot of fun and a great experience. 17C candidates attend Phase I, which is the six month long Navy Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC) at Corry Station (Pensacola), Florida.

Is 17C an entry level?

Most importantly, 17C is an entry level position and they will teach you everything you need as long as you have a base of computer and IT knowledge.

How can I get into 17C?


  1. 10 weeks of Basic Training.
  2. 45 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.
  3. 110 ASVAB Score: General Technical (GT)
  4. 112 ASVAB Score: Skilled Technical (ST)

Does 17C require a polygraph?

Soldiers must have a secret or higher security clearance at the time of application, and a top secret clearance with access to sensitive compartmented information before being awarded MOS 17C. Soldiers must pass a counterintelligence scope polygraph before being awarded the MOS, and periodically thereafter.

Does 17C require security clearance?

How do I apply for MOS 17C?

Requirements To Become a 17C Cyber Operations Specialist

  1. Physical profile of 222221.
  2. A minimum of 110 on GT and 112 on ST aptitude areas of the ASVAB.
  3. Must have a minimum of Secret clearance with the ability to attain Top Secret clearance.

Does 17C need a security clearance?

How much does a cyber operations specialist make in the Army?

The typical US Army Cyber Operations Specialist salary is $56,633 per year. Cyber Operations Specialist salaries at US Army can range from $26,380 – $80,995 per year.

When was 17C created?

In 2010, the United States Army Cyber Command was created. In today’s post, we are going to examine one of the newest Military Occupational Specialties in the Army: Army 17C Cyber Operations Specialist. I will give you a basic job description. I will provide some of the duties and responsibilities of the Army job.