What happened in Episode 4 of True Detective?

What happened in Episode 4 of True Detective?

What happened in Episode 4 of True Detective?

Wayne is off in his own feisty conversation with young Freddie, who has just turned 18. The cops joke that they chipped in and got him life in prison for his bday. He admits to taking Will’s bike and seeing the boy come around looking for his sister.

What was Matthew McConaughey injecting in True Detective?

He injects himself with ink and cayenne to appear to be using drugs. He steals cocaine from an evidence locker and makes contact with a Texas drug dealer from his undercover days. All he wants from Hart is backup.

Who goes there True Detective summary?

The episode “Who Goes There?” opens in 1995, with detectives Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) interrogating a man named Charlie Lang (Brad Carter). Charlie’s ex-wife, Dora, is the victim whose murder led the detectives to suspect an active serial killer.

Why does rust go undercover?

Rust is more than familiar with the Iron Crusaders from his former days on the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area force. And fearing that oversight from upper brass could botch the job, he readily volunteers to go “off book,” taking a leave from work and going undercover.

What is wrong with Rust Cohle?

Cohle also has synesthesia and suffers from flashbacks from his drug-using years undercover.

What did Charmaine Boudreaux do?

Hart and Cohle’s final case involved the “Marshland Medea,” Charmaine Boudreaux, who murdered her three children. Using his ace interviewing techniques, Cohle gets a confession, but after she signs, he tells her that the newspapers are going to be tough on her and that prison is very hard on people who hurt children.

What is Carcosa in True Detective?

On True Detective Carcosa seems to be the name given to the old stone ruins in the Louisiana bayou area which are shown on Season 1’s last episode. It is considered a place of worship in which macabre rituals were performed, often including child sacrifice and sexual abuse.