What does the idiom ride the rails mean?

What does the idiom ride the rails mean?

What does the idiom ride the rails mean?

Ride-the-rails definition (idiomatic) To travel by railway train, trolley, etc.

What does riding the rods mean?

Slang. to steal a ride on a freight train.

What does keep it on the rails mean?

to make sure something continues to be successful or effective: It takes a lot out of you keeping a business on the rails.

Is go off the rails an idiom?

To go off the rails means to behave in an abnormal way, to act in an insane manner or highly unpredictable or illogical manner. When applied to a situation or institution, the idiom go off the rails may mean that things have gotten out of control or have careened into unexpected or unmanageable territory.

Why did Teens ride the rails?

Some left to escape poverty or troubled families, others because it seemed a great adventure. At the height of the Great Depression, more than 250,000 teenagers were living on the road in America. Many criss-crossed the country by hopping freight trains, although it was both dangerous and illegal.

What did it mean to ride the rails during the Great Depression?

Many people forced off the farm heard about work hundreds of miles away or even half a continent away. Often the only way they could get there was by hopping on freight trains, illegally. More than two million men and perhaps 8,000 women became hoboes.

Is riding the rails illegal?

But why would people risk their lives hitching a ride on a freight train today? Train hopping, sometimes referred to as freight hopping, is against the law in all US states.

What does back on the rails mean?

be successful again
phrase. If something is back on the rails, it is beginning to be successful again after a period when it almost failed.

What does it mean when a game is on rails?

When you are on ‘rails’ it means that you do not have control of where your character can move inside the game other than possibly moving forward and not moving forward (like a cart on rails). For example, the old arcade shooters that involve plastic guns such as Virtua Cop and Time Crisis were rail shooters.

What does the idiom eat your heart out mean?

Feel bitter anguish, grief, worry, jealousy, or another strong negative emotion. For example, She is still eating her heart out over being fired, or Eat your heart out—my new car is being delivered today. This hyperbolic expression alludes to strong feelings gnawing at one’s heart. [ Late 1500s]

What is off the chain?

US informal. extremely good: I made it with extra cheese and it was off the chain.

How did hobos ride the rails?

Most hoboes would hide along the tracks outside the yard. They’d run along the train as it gained speed, grab hold and jump into open boxcars.