What does the dash mean in canvas?

What does the dash mean in canvas?

What does the dash mean in canvas?

Incomplete Assignments

What does ex mean for grades?

1. Excused: Scholar does not need to complete this work. The assignment does not apply to their final grade. a. EX/ABS: If the scholar is excused because they were not at school and the assignment is not easily made up (like a lab assignment) then the grade will be EX/ABS.

What does Blue Dot mean on canvas?

Text Icon [7]: Text entry submitted, not graded. Submission Details Icons. When your instructor grades your assignment, the grades page displays a blue dot next to the assignment [1]. The indicator disappears when you navigate away or refresh the page.

What do the colors mean in canvas gradebook?

Each color is a default associated with a Gradebook status: late (blue), missing (red), resubmitted (green), dropped (orange), or excused (yellow). Colors set in your course apply to any of your other courses that use the Gradebook, however, they do not apply to any other user who may view the Gradebook.

How does complete incomplete work in canvas?

Complete/Incomplete will give all points the assignment can earn if it is complete, but none if incomplete. Points allows the number to be entered directly. Letter grade and GPA both refer to a grading scheme.

What does ex mean on a report card?

No. Exceeding

What does ex mean for vinyl?


Do report cards matter?

But if we’re being honest with ourselves, do report cards always matter? Truthfully, they do and they don’t. For example, it doesn’t always take into account the students who understand the material so well that they’re distracted in class or too bored to complete mundane assignments.

What does incomplete mean on canvas?

An Incomplete (I) Grade should be given only when the student can complete the remaining coursework on an individual basis with the instructor. Canvas can be used to facilitate course completion; however, faculty CANNOT add the student into a similar Canvas course taught during any subsequent semesters.

What does VG ex mean?

Numerical Grades

EX-MT 6 Excellent-Mint
EX 5 Excellent
VG-EX 4 Very Good-Excellent
VG 3 Very Good

How do I submit an assignment late on canvas?

The main Canvas late submission deadline hack is by consulting your instructor with valid reasons for lateness. The instructor has full discretion on canvas deadlines. The choice is to either upload a paper late or requesting your instructor to extend the deadline for you.