What does it mean to lean into the discomfort of the work?

What does it mean to lean into the discomfort of the work?

What does it mean to lean into the discomfort of the work?

When you recognize that the discomfort is taking you closer to your goal. When you understand the discomfort as a signal that your body/mind is working intensely to build new patterns. Then you’ll gladly lean into your discomfort. You’ll seek out experiences and opportunities where you can lean into your discomfort.

What does it mean to lean into your feelings?

Lean into your emotions – not away from them. Often the fear of the emotion creates more intensity around that emotion. When you lean into and accept what you are feeling you notice that this changes what you feel. The emotion may be intense initially yet it will always change, soften and flow.

What does lean into mean?

To take on or embrace something difficult or unpleasant, usually through determination or perseverance; to find a way to benefit from, or alleviate the harm of, risk, uncertainty and difficult situations.

How do you lean into your emotions?

Here are 4 ways you can start to lean into emotional acceptance instead of emotional avoidance.

  1. Greet the Feeling With Self-Compassion. The first step when you’re feeling a not-so-great emotion: Recognize how you’re feeling and how it’s tough.
  2. Know It’s Part of Being Human.
  3. Aim For ‘Deep Acting’ in Your 9-5.
  4. Try Journaling.

How do you deal with being uncomfortable?

How to Welcome Our Emotions

  1. Pause and Evaluate. It’s okay to take a moment to just sit with a feeling and breathe.
  2. Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness is another, more structured way to slow down and evaluate your emotions.
  3. Have Self-Compassion.
  4. Talk to Others.
  5. Try Therapy.

What does it mean to lean into anxiety?

Instead of pushing the anxiety away, yelling at yourself for being anxious, or trying to ignore the feeling, you’re leaning into it. You’re beginning to get to know it better, you’re approaching it with some compassion, and you’re allowing it to be there while you investigate.

Is pain a feeling or emotion?

Although pain is defined as a sensory and emotional experience, it is traditionally researched and clinically treated separately from emotion.

What’s another way to say lean into?

What is another word for leaning towards?

prepared inclined
ready willing
amenable disposed
minded predisposed
able apt

What does lean in mean in slang?

Lean in means to grab opportunities without hesitation. An older meaning for lean in is to incline into something, such as a skier leaning in at a turn or pedestrian leaning in to the wind during a heavy gale.

How do you respond without toxic positivity?

Here are some ways to cultivate true positivity in your life — and nix the toxic positivity for good.

  1. Practice mindfulness.
  2. Recognize that emotions are tools.
  3. Admit your interpersonal mistakes.
  4. Clarify your needs.
  5. If you have kids, teach them how to express all emotions.
  6. Let yourself feel your feelings.

Why is discomfort good for you?

Generally speaking, the benefits from discomfort entail making you stronger in some way — physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. If you intentionally and strategically expose yourself to difficulty, you will find it less difficult simply because that’s how our bodies and brains work.