What does Aurelia say in Love Actually?

What does Aurelia say in Love Actually?

What does Aurelia say in Love Actually?

Aurelia : [in Portuguese] Just don’t go eating it all yourself, you’re getting chubbier every day.

What language is Aurelia speaking in Love Actually?

In 2003, Moniz’s international break came when she played the role of Aurélia in the film Love Actually among a cast that included Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, and Rodrigo Santoro. Her character only speaks Portuguese, while Firth’s only speaks English.

What does the Prime Minister say to Natalie at the airport in Love Actually?

Prime Minister : Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere.

What do the cards say in Love Actually?

Knightley starred in one of the most iconic scenes from “Love Actually.” In it, Mark (Andrew Lincoln) arrives to confess his love to Juliet (Knightley) with a stack of cue cards that feature phrases like “to me, you are perfect.” He does so at Juliet’s front door, playing “Silent Night” from a boombox to make Juliet’s …

What are they saying in Love Actually?

Karen (Emma Thompson), Love Actually Quotes “True love lasts a lifetime.” “There was more than one lobster at the birth of Jesus?” “Get a grip; people hate sissies. No one’s ever going to shag you if you cry all the time.”

Where did Aurelia Live Love Actually?

Jamie tracks Aurelia down in an area that is probably inside of (or near) Marseille. There are a lot of Portuguese-heritage folks in that area of France, partly due to immigration by Portuguese sailors.

Was Love Actually filmed in Portugal?

These scenes were actually filmed in the Var region of the Cote d’Azur, just south of the small town of Vidauban, one hour north of St Tropez and Frejus.

What is the last line in Love Actually?

In the final scene, he says, “When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge— they were all messages of love.

Who played the prime minister’s girlfriend in Love Actually?

Martine McCutcheon
Martine McCutcheon was born Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting on the 14th of May 1976 in Hackney.

Did Harry sleep with Mia?

Well, one of the film’s writers, Emma Freud, sadly confirmed the worst, revealing that Harry and Mia’s affair wasn’t just emotional, and that they did in fact have sex. When asked by a fan on Twitter in 2015 if the affair was ever consummated, Emma directly answered the very common fan question.