What does a disciplinary committee do?

What does a disciplinary committee do?

What does a disciplinary committee do?

The role of the faculty-student disciplinary committee is to listen to the testimony, ask questions of the witnesses, review the testimony and evidence presented at the hearing and the papers filed by the parties and render a determination as to guilt or innocence.

What is disciplinary action in university?

Disciplinary Action is used for serious violations of the Student Code of Conduct and other College policies that apply to students.

What is a disciplinary warning in college?

Warning: An oral statement to the student that he/she is violating the Student Code of Conduct; that continuation or repetition of the conduct may be cause for further disciplinary action. This action may be taken by any faculty or staff or by the Disciplinary Officer when the case is referred to him/her.

How do I prepare for a college disciplinary hearing?


  1. Read all witness and incident reports.
  2. Prepare a short outline that identifies key players.
  3. Clarify discrepancies in and between statements.
  4. Anticipate questions the Hearing Officer/Disciplinary Board and the accused may ask.
  5. Identify questions you will want to ask of the accused and the witness(es).

What are the powers of disciplinary committee?

(3) For the purpose of exercising any of the powers conferred by sub section (1), a disciplinary committee may send to any civil court in the territories to which this Act extends, any summons or other process, for the attendance of a witness or the production of a document required by the committee or any commission …

What is disciplinary committee in law?

Disciplinary Committee means any person or committee of persons, or any subcommittee thereof, that is author- ized by a self-regulatory organization to issue disciplinary charges, to con- duct disciplinary proceedings, to settle disciplinary charges, to impose dis- ciplinary sanctions or to hear appeals thereof.

What is the aim of discipline?

The aim of discipline is to set limits restricting certain behaviors or attitudes that are seen as harmful or against school policies, educational norms, school traditions, etc.

Is disciplinary probation the same as academic probation?

No. Disciplinary probation has to do with your conduct record with the University. While academic probation is about your academic/classroom grades and performance. They are separate and have different implications.

How do you protect yourself from a disciplinary committee?

You’ll need to conduct a thorough investigation of the situation surrounding your alleged misconduct in order to thoroughly defend yourself. This includes locating, gathering, and saving any relevant documentation or physical evidence.

What is the standard of proof in a disciplinary hearing?

In a disciplinary enquiry, the standard of proof required is that of civil matters, namely a balance of probabilities.

How is a disciplinary committee constituted?

— (1) A Bar Council shall constitute one or more disciplinary committees, each of which shall consist of three persons of whom two shall be persons elected by the Council from amongst its members and the other shall be a person co-opted by the Council from amongst advocates who possess the qualifications specified in …