What does 370 article say?

What does 370 article say?

What does 370 article say?

Article 370 acknowledges the special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of autonomy and its ability to formulate laws for the state’s permanent residents. In the 1954 Presidential order, among other things, the Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution were made applicable to Kashmir with exceptions.

Is Article 370 totally removed?

In April 2018, the Supreme Court of India ruled that Article 370 had attained permanency since the state constituent assembly has ceased to exist. To overcome this legal challenge, the Indian government instead rendered Article 370 as ‘inoperative’ even though it still exists in the constitution.

How was Article 370 removed?

As stated earlier, the entirety of article 370 can be repealed under article 370(3), but this requires a recommendation from the Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir. However, the Constituent Assembly was dissolved on January 25, 1957, without recommending the abrogation of the article.

What is the new Article 370?

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Who wrote Article 370?

Ayyangar was the chief drafter of Article 370 which granted local autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

What are advantages of Article 370?

The application of Articles 370 and 35 A placed restrictions on transfer of land. Local horticulture and food processing will get a big boost. Handicraft industry which was earlier limited to select destinations will now be able to directly export and collaborate both nationally and internationally.

What were the disadvantages of Article 370?

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Advantages of Scrapping Article 370 Disadvantages of Scrapping Article 370
Central government can curb corruption since it is a UT now. The implementation of the abrogation of Article 370 is a threat to the democracy. It is an attempt to polarize and appease the Hindu population in the valley.

What are the disadvantages of removal of Article 370?

Disadvantages of Article 370 Internet was turned off on 5th august 2019, hundreds of troops were called, landlines were turned off, and even Kashmiri politicians were kept on house arrest. The locals of Kashmir were locked up in their homes, and then suddenly, this decision was imposed on the Kashmiris.

Who was the last Hindu ruler of Kashmir?

The last Hindu ruler of Kashmir was Udyan Dev. His Chief Queen Kota Rani was the de-facto ruler of the kingdom. With her death in 1339 the Hindu rule in Kashmir came to an end and thus was established the Muslim rule in Kashmir under Sultan Shamas-ud-din-whose dynasty ruled the valley for 222 years.

What is the advantage of Article 370?