What do college coaches look for in softball players?

What do college coaches look for in softball players?

What do college coaches look for in softball players?

Overall, coaches want to learn the fundamentals about a player: their work ethic, character, academics, team player, speed, tools, and talent. Coaches also want to know how a player handles adversity, their mental strength, and athleticism.

What are the basic rules of softball?


  • Runners must touch each base in order.
  • Runners may overrun 1st base only, all other bases the runner may be tagged and.
  • Runners can not lead off a base, they must be on base until the ball as left the.
  • After a fly ball has been caught the base runner must tag the occupied base before.

What is bunting in softball?

A bunt is a legally batted ball not swung at but tapped or intentionally tapped into the infield with the bat. The bat is held in the path of the ball and tapped slowly as opposed to a full swing.

How many times can a coach visit the mound in softball?

A manager or coach may come out once in one inning to visit with the pitcher, but the second time out, the player must be removed as a pitcher.

What is a softball IQ?

BASIQs Softball is a first-of-its-kind app with the sole purpose being to help you develop your “game IQ.” You do so via the thousands of animated situations and other questions we have created within the app Game Play and you can also connect directly with your real Coaches, who can deliver specific training.

What do softball coaches look for in recruits?

College softball coaches evaluate a player’s athleticism based on arm strength and accuracy, speed, fielding range and the ability to hit for power and average. Softball recruiting guidelines enable prospects to compare their skill with athletes competing at the college level.

What is the mercy rule in softball?

Mercy Rule: A 10-run rule shall be used for all League games when one team is at least 10 runs ahead of another team after five innings for varsity and JV games. Further, for the JV level only, if one team is ahead 15 runs or more after 3 innings the game shall end.

What does the batting order mean in softball?

The batting order or line-up is the designated order in which the players for a given team will bat. Before the game, each manager provides the head umpire with a list of the players who will be starting the game and the order in which they will bat – the starting line-up, as written on a line-up card.