What did GC stand for in GC Services?

What did GC stand for in GC Services?

What did GC stand for in GC Services?

GC stands for Gulf Coast Collection Services. They are Debt Collectors for most credit cards company in The United States. Upvote Downvote.

Who is GC Services collection agency?

GC Services is one of the largest collection agencies in the country. It was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Houston. With over 9000 employees, they generate around $100 million in revenue per year. This is done by collecting on debts.

What is GC Services International LLC?

Company overview GCS is considered as one of the largest BPO providers with nearly 9000 employees in over 30 call center in the United States, the Caribbean and the Philippines. GCS Philippines started its operations in Pasig City early part of 2011.

Does GC negotiate?

If you are unable to get the entry removed on a technicality, you can try to negotiate a settlement with GC Services. This is known as a pay-for-delete settlement and involves paying GC Services for the debt in exchange for deletion. Sometimes, you can get away with paying less than the full amount of the debt.

Is GC Services a debt collector?

Last Updated on March 24, 2021. If you missed payments on one of your bills, you may start getting phone calls and letters from a company called GC Services. They are a debt collector whose job is to coerce payments from you in whatever way they can.

Who owns GC?

Owner Resource Group LLC
Austin, Texas-based Owner Resource Group LLC has acquired GC Services LP, a Houston-based accounts receivable management company that was founded in 1957.

Is GCS a collection agency?

One of the largest collection agencies in the country, GC Services was founded in 1986 in Texas and is currently headquartered in Houston. They have about 9,000 employees in total and generate roughly $100 million in revenue per year. They collect a number of consumer debt types.