What cities are in Pulaski County KY?

What cities are in Pulaski County KY?

What cities are in Pulaski County KY?

Science HillBurnsideFerguson
Pulaski County/Cities

What counties border Pulaski County KY?

Adjacent counties

  • Lincoln County (north)
  • Rockcastle County (northeast)
  • Laurel County (east)
  • McCreary County (southeast)
  • Wayne County (southwest)
  • Russell County (west/CST Border)
  • Casey County (northwest)

Is Pulaski County KY a dry county?

Of course, Pulaski County itself is still “dry” — and Somerset wasn’t the first community in the county to go at least “moist.” Burnside first approved individual drink sales in restaurants in 2004, then held a vote that reaffirmed that decision in 2007.

Is Pulaski County in eastern Kentucky?

PULASKI COUNTY | Eastern Kentucky PRIDE.

What is Pulaski County Ky named after?

Kazimierz Pułaski
Pulaski County was named for Kazimierz Pułaski. The county is located in the south-central area of the state.

What county is Berea KY in?

Madison CountyBerea / County

Can you buy alcohol on Sunday in Kentucky?

As the state default rule, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Sunday. KRS 244.290(3) (distilled spirits and wine sales); KRS 244.480(2) (malt beverage sales). However, local governments have the authority to permit Sunday alcohol sales by ordinance.

What zone is Pulaski County?

Pulaski County designated COVID-19 red zone.

What states have a Pulaski County?

Pulaski County is the name of seven counties in the United States, all of which are named for Casimir Pulaski:

  • Pulaski County, Arkansas.
  • Pulaski County, Georgia.
  • Pulaski County, Illinois.
  • Pulaski County, Indiana.
  • Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Pulaski County, Missouri.
  • Pulaski County, Virginia.

What is Pulaski County zip code?

List of All Zipcodes in Pulaski County, Arkansas
ZIP Code ZIP Code Name Population
72202 Little Rock 9978
72204 Little Rock 32505
72205 Little Rock 23000