What can I wear with loose fitting shorts?

What can I wear with loose fitting shorts?

What can I wear with loose fitting shorts?

The great thing about loose shorts is that, unlike denim shorts, they can be dressed up for a dinner date or going out with friends. Try pairing them with a silk top. An embellished blouse or slinky tank are perfect options. Add ankle strap heels to complete the look.

How do you style high-waisted flowy shorts?

Consider the top. A tank or simple t-shirt will look chic with high waisted shorts, but pair them with a button-down dress shirt for a Katherine Hepburn aesthetic. Wear them with a cropped top! If you’re a little tummy-shy like me, high waisted shorts are perfect for pairing with cropped tops!

What do you wear with flowy?

Flowy dresses with jackets If it’s still a little chilly or you want to layer pieces with you flowy dress… denim jackets, leather jackets and even cardigans can look great with a loose dress. They can also help dress up or down the look.

What should women wear with shorts?

Style them with a breezy white button-down and sneakers, or a boho long-sleeve top. You can also make denim shorts a little more formal with an oversized blazer and heeled sandals. Great for: Everybody. Because, like jeans, they come in unlimited rises, fits, and washes, you can find a flattering pair for any shape.

How do you pair flowy shorts?

5 Ways to Pair Flowy Shorts With Trendy Tops

  1. Don’t Clash With Patterns.
  2. A Ribbed Tank Will Always Be Trendy.
  3. Keep Wearing Flowy Shorts Throughout The Autumn Season.
  4. Pair With A Jacket As Your Second Layer.
  5. Wear Your Flowy Shirt With Your Favorite T-Shirt.
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How do you wear loose flowy shorts?

How do you wear loose flowy tops?

How to Style a Flowy Top (Without Being Frumpy)

  1. 1 – Wear your top with skinny jeans! Pairing your top with something form fitting on the bottom will bring the shape back into your look.
  2. 2 – Flowy is good, as long as there is shape. There are some tops that are just bad.
  3. 3 – Dress it up!

How do you pair a flowy top?

The best rule of thumb is if you are wear a flowy piece of clothing (top or bottom) make sure the opposite piece is fitted. Flowy top + fitted bottom OR fitted top + flowy bottom. This doesn’t always have to be the case though, you CAN wear a flowy top with a skirt that isn’t super fitted as long as you style it right!

How can I style my shorts in summer?

5 Ways to Style Shorts

  1. Go casual with shorts and a tee. You can wear a crisp white T-shirt or V-neck with a pair of colorful chinos for an easygoing summer look.
  2. Dress up for a boating look.
  3. Include classy shoes in the ensemble.
  4. Try a bolder look with bike shorts.
  5. Combine a sweater and high-waisted shorts.

How do you style loose flowy shorts?