What can I say instead of big difference?

What can I say instead of big difference?

What can I say instead of big difference?


  • contrast,
  • disagreement,
  • discrepancy,
  • disparateness,
  • disparity,
  • dissimilarity,
  • dissimilitude,
  • distance,

What is the word for small differences?

1 subtlety, nicety, hint, refinement.

What word means to explain the difference between two things?

You probably know contrast in its relation to compare. To contrast something is to look for differences among two or more elements, but compare is to do the opposite, to look for similarities.

What is another word for making a difference?

What is another word for make a difference?

matter be important
enter into consideration make any difference
be of significance mean much
cut any ice mean a lot
mean rate

What is a word for subtle difference?

The word to describe a subtle difference is subtlety. Noun. A minor or fine distinction or detail. nuance.

What is another word for subtle difference?

The definition of a nuance is a subtle difference.

What is difference between contrast and comparison?

Comparing involves identifying similarities and/or differences (e.g., apples and oranges are both fruit) whereas contrasting involves comparing two or more objects or events in order to show their differences (e.g., an apple has a thin skin that we can eat; an orange has a thick skin that we cannot eat).

What does big difference mean?

Definition of make a big difference : lead to important changes Her suggestion made a big difference in the final product.

Does a difference make a difference?

Generally speaking, “do” relates to physical tasks and activities that are vague or indefinite, while “make” refers to a specific outcome or object created by that activity. This guide will help you learn the difference between the two verbs.

What is the common difference?

Definition of common difference : the difference between two consecutive terms of an arithmetic progression.