What area is postal code 2191?

What area is postal code 2191?

What area is postal code 2191?

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Location District Postcode
Bryanston West City of Johannesburg 2191
Chartwell City of Johannesburg 2191
Craigavon City of Johannesburg 2191
Craigavon Park City of Johannesburg 2191

What is a postal area code?

Postal codes are strings of numbers and letters that represent groupings of people in geographic areas. Because of the history and evolution of this unique geographic identifier, it is a high-integrity source of demographic information.

What is the code number of Johannesburg?

011: Witwatersrand region around Johannesburg, currently code for the entirety of Greater Johannesburg. 012: Pretoria and surrounding towns (also includes Brits)

Does South Africa have a 5 digit zip code?

South Africa as a country does not have a zip code. We do use codes, called postal codes, for towns and suburbs of cities. Internet code is ZA.

What is the postal code for Craigavon Fourways?


Suburb Area Street
Craigavon Johannesburg 2191
Craigavon Park Bryanston 2191
Cramerview Bryanston 2191
Dainfern Fourways 2191

Is Fourways a suburb?

The area referred to as Fourways (which is a collection of suburbs, including the traditional suburb of Fourways) is the fastest-developing commercial and residential hub in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, South Africa.

What is the postal code for Hillbrow?

Hillbrow ( /ˈhɪlbroʊ/) is an inner city residential neighbourhood of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa….

Postal code (street) 2001
PO box 2038
Area code 010

Where is postal code 2092?

Johannesburg, South Africa
Randburg, South Africa