What are the types of soil pollution?

What are the types of soil pollution?

What are the types of soil pollution?

Types of Soil Pollutants

  • Biological Agents. Biological agents work inside the soil to introduce manures and digested sludge (coming from the human, bird and animal excreta) into the soil.
  • Agricultural Practices.
  • Radioactive Pollutants.
  • Urban Waste.
  • Industrial Waste.

What are the impacts of soil pollution?

Some of the direct impacts of soil pollution can be seen in agricultural production system like loss/decline in soil productivity and loss in crop diversity. Pollution of soil and water drastically has estimated to reduce the crop yields by about 15–25% over the years and total cropped area has decreased significantly.

What are the major causes of soil pollution?

Illegal dumping of the solid wastes, polluted water absorbed by the soil, use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, dumping of minerals, oils, and radioactive wastes are the major causes of soil pollution (Cachada et al. 2018).

What are effects of soil pollution?

Growth of plants Fungi and bacteria found in the soils cannot bind the soil due to chemical changes and this causes soil erosion. Large tracts of land become barren; unable to support any life on it. Even the plants that do grow on these lands will absorb the toxins and transfer to the food chain.

What is the cause and effect of pollution?

High levels of air pollution can cause an increased risk of heart attack, wheezing, coughing, and breathing problems, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Air pollution can also cause worsening of existing heart problems, asthma, and other lung complications.

What are the main three causes of soil pollution?

Soil pollution is mostly caused by mindless human activities such as:

  • Industrial waste.
  • Deforestation.
  • Excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Garbage pollution.
  • Climate change.
  • Loss of soil fertility.
  • Impact on human health.
  • Reforestation.

How can we prevent soil pollution in points?

Here are 10 magnificent ways for prevention and control of soil pollution.

  1. Get a better understanding of the soil environment quality baseline.
  2. Develop necessary legislation on soil pollution control.
  3. Proper management of agricultural land and the practice of organic farming.
  4. Proper Solid Waste Treatment.

How we can stop pollution essay?

Moving on, reuse reusable items like plastic bags, bottles, boxes and more is also one of the way to reduce pollution, For example, instead of throwing away a worn out tire, it can be used as a plantation plot. The next way to reduce pollution is to recycle recyclable items such as glass, cans, and newspapers.