What are the newest careers?

What are the newest careers?

What are the newest careers?

Most New Jobs

Software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers 409,500
Waiters and waitresses 407,600
Registered nurses 276,800
Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, hand 255,800

What is the best career to start right now?

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  • Information Security Analyst. #1 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Nurse Practitioner. #2 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Physician Assistant. #3 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager. #4 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Software Developer. #5 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Data Scientist. #6 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Financial Manager. #7 in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Statistician.

What are the 4 fastest growing careers?

Fastest Growing Occupations

Wind turbine service technicians 68% $56,260 per year
Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers 62% $24,440 per year
Nurse practitioners 52% $120,680 per year
Solar photovoltaic installers 52% $47,670 per year

What careers will have the most new jobs between now and 2022?

Some of the fastest projected growth will occur in the healthcare, healthcare support, construction, and personal care fields. Together, these four occupational groups are expected to account for more than 5.3 million new jobs by 2022, about one-third of the total employment growth.

What is the fastest growing job industry?

1. Wind Turbine Service Technicians. Increasing at a rate 15 times that of other occupations, wind turbine service technicians or windtechs, are projected to be the fastest growing job in the next decade.

What jobs are decreasing in demand?

Fastest declining occupations

2020 National Employment Matrix title 2020 National Employment Matrix code Employment change, 2020–30
Parking enforcement workers 33-3041 -2.8
Nuclear power reactor operators 51-8011 -1.8
Cutters and trimmers, hand 51-9031 -2.4
Telephone operators 43-2021 -1.2