What are the Grazie levels?

What are the Grazie levels?

What are the Grazie levels?

Grazie Loyalty Program offers 4 levels of membership, Grazie Member, Grazie Premier, Grazie Elite and Paiza Gold. A player’s membership level determines the rate at which points are earned and the higher the level, the faster points are earned.

What is Grazie elite status?

The Grazie Elite tier gives you access to the best suite rates, exclusive resort access, and comps based on gaming play. Grazie Elite tier members receive VIP treatment that goes above and beyond even our high standards.

Do Grazie points expire?

Tier Points expire at the end of each earning period. Make sure to earn enough points during the year to keep your current Tier.

What is Grazie theoretical win?

Grazie status earns at 6% theoretical win = 10 points for slots and video poker.

How much are Grazie points worth?

Grazie Rewards Points will be redeemable at different rates based on Program Member’s Tier, which will be as follows: “Grazie Member” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.01; “Grazie Premier” -1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.015; “Grazie Elite” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.02; “Paiza Gold” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.025.

What are Grazie rewards?

Grazie Rewards gives you more for every suite night, blackjack hand, pull of a slot machine, signature cocktail, and celebrity-chef meal. Redeem comps for Free Play or throughout the resort and receive luxury suite upgrades. Every benefit gives you the experience you deserve. It’s a cinch to redeem your offers online.

Does Grazie tier match?

The Venetian – Grazie Rewards Wynn will also match tiers with the following casino rewards programs outside of Las Vegas: Pechenga – The Club.

Does Grazie have an app?

The app makes it easy for users to locate restaurants, gaming areas, guest suites, nightlife venues, meeting spaces, pools, restrooms, exits, ATMs and parking facilities. Users can also receive exclusive offers and promotions for the Grazie Loyalty Program.

Does Grazie rewards tier match?

Is there a Grazie rewards app?

How do you use Grazie points?

Grazie Rewards Points Points are earned by playing any slot and video poker machines. Grazie Rewards Points can be redeemed for Slot Credits or Resort Comps. So, play a bit longer or dine at your favorite restaurant – you’ve earned it.

How do you use Grazie Gift points?

You may redeem your Grazie Gifts Points by shopping online after unlocking the Grazie Gifts shopping site by visiting The Venetian during the event dates. You must be present to unlock the shop, no exceptions. Once your shop is unlocked, you have until December 4 to complete your shopping online.