What are some math IA ideas?

What are some math IA ideas?

What are some math IA ideas?

50 IB Maths IA Topic Ideas

  • Pascal’s triangle: Discovering patterns within this famous array of numbers.
  • Pythagorean triples: Can you find patterns in what numbers form a pythagorean triple?
  • Monty Hall problem: How does Bayesian probability work in this real-life example, and can you add a layer of complexity to it?

What is a good IA score?

A good IA on modelling manages to score an easy 15-16 marks out of 20. Investigating the structural designs of bridges that prevent collapse under loading.

What is a math internal assessment?

The Internal Assessment (IA) in Math SL is known as Mathematical Exploration. It is a written work that requires students to investigate an area of mathematics.

What is a math IA in IB?

Introduction to Mathematics IA. The Exploration. Internal assessment in mathematics SL is an individual exploration. This is a piece of written work that involves investigating an area of mathematics. It is marked according to five assessment criteria.

How hard is it to get a 7 in math HL?

From those taking Math HL, 8.8% got a 7. Out of the total population, that’s around 1.27%. It means that if you are able to get 7 in Math HL, you are at the top 1.27% people from those who are taking the IB, at least in the Mathematics category (again, disregarding those 170ish people who is taking Further Math HL).

How long should the IB math ia be?

around 12-20 pages
Length: There is no specific word count for your Math IA, but the IB advises that the exploration should be around 12-20 pages long.

How many words should an ESS IA be?

between 1500 and 2250 words
The purpose of the internal assessment investigation is to focus on a particular aspect of an ESS issue and to apply the results to a broader environmental and/or societal context. The investigation is recorded as a written report. The report should be between 1500 and 2250 words.

How long should my math ia be?

6-12 pages
The Maths IA forms 20% of your overall grade for Maths studies, SL and HL. The IBO recommend that it is 6-12 pages in length and includes maths that is commensurate with the level of difficulty of the course.