What are some examples of STEAM activities?

What are some examples of STEAM activities?

What are some examples of STEAM activities?

8 STEAM Activities for Kids

  • Create a bubble flute.
  • Program Sphero robots to play Quidditch.
  • Do some code breaking.
  • Play the Maze Game.
  • Explore popular music in new ways.
  • Inflate a balloon with dry ice.
  • Measure animal footprints.
  • Go on a mission to Mars.

How do you make a STEM challenge?

12 key steps to good STEM lesson building

  1. Prepare the STEM lesson around a topic you will be teaching.
  2. Connect that topic to a real world problem.
  3. Clearly define the STEM challenge students will tackle.
  4. Decide what success looks like.
  5. Use the engineering design process for planning.
  6. Help students identify the challenge.

What are STEM and STEAM activities?

STEAM (or STEM + Art) are activities that include an artistic or creative element, in addition to one (or more) of the traditional STEM pillar subjects. It could be creating art using STEM tools. It could be creating an engineering project where you take particular attention to aesthetics.

How do I plan a STEAM lesson?

5 steps to planning a successful STEAM lesson

  1. Step 1: Introduce and demonstrate.
  2. Step 2: Predict / Plan.
  3. Step 3: Explore / Create.
  4. Step 4: Record.
  5. Step 5: Present / Reflect.

What is an example of a STEM activity?

More STEM Activities Build a Volcano (Science) Apple Oxidation (Science) The Rock Scratch Test (Science) Build a Tiny Rain Shelter (Technology & Engineering)

What are examples of STEM projects?

These simple STEM projects for kids will help reinforce important life skills and help to potentially spark a lifetime interest in this crucial field.

  • Cloud in a Jar.
  • Oil Spill.
  • Sticky Note Number Match.
  • Coding a LEGO® Maze.
  • Crystal Sun Catchers.
  • Building a Hand Crank Winch.
  • Build a Balance Scale.
  • Magnetic Slime.

What can you build in STEM?


  • Build a Catapult.
  • Build a Balloon Rocket.
  • Build Structures.
  • 100 Cup Tower Challenge.
  • Think Like the 3 Little Pigs (Architectural Activity)
  • Learn Basic Coding.
  • Build a Marble Run.
  • Paper Chain Challenge.

How is STEAM used in the classroom?

5 Ways to Shake Up Your STEAM Lesson in the Classroom

  1. Use the Teach Unplugged Method and Philosophy.
  2. Brainstorm Projects — and then Swap Ideas.
  3. Learn Through Conversation.
  4. Create User Stories Before Design.
  5. Connect Daily Lessons with Each Project.

What is a STEM lesson plan?

STEM lessons are guided by the engineering design process . In this process, students define problems, conduct background research, develop multiple ideas for solutions, develop and create a prototype, and then test, evaluate, and redesign them.