What are crater runaways?

What are crater runaways?

What are crater runaways?

It’s a Gibb compound in the desert where they do religious trials and discipline.” The Crater is a facility owned by the Church of Gibborim, which uses it as a reindoctrination center.

What is Marvel’s Earth called?

Earth, also known as Midgard, Terra, Planet C-53, is the third planet in the Solar System, home to the Humans, Inhumans, the Eternals, the Deviants, Vampires and a multitude of other animal species, and a number of Asgardian and Chronicom immigrants.

Why is 616 called Earth?

In 2005, Alan Moore’s son-in-law John Reppion (who is married to Alan Moore’s daughter Leah Moore), stated on an Internet message board that the number 616 was arbitrarily chosen by Moore and had no significant meaning, saying it “was just a random number of no significance chosen because people always seemed to be …

What is the abyss in Marvel?

The Abyss is a powerful dark entity that has been lying in slumber in the sidereality known as the Vanishing Point since long before the Celestials and Devourer of Worlds arrived. Though trapped there, the Abyss can reach the minds of others and make them do his bidding.

What Earth is venom?

Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-TRN688)

What Earth is Deadpool from?

Earth 10330
Wade Wilson, later known as Kidpool was born on Earth 10330, an alternate future reality, where he was the newest boy accepted into the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys.

How powerful is ex nihilo?

Powers and Abilities Organic Creation/Manipulation: Ex Nihilo could transform organic life, either directly or via organic “origin bombs”, which carries communal viruses programmed to re-map genetic codes within a ten mile effect radius.

What dimension does Nightcrawler teleport through?

the Brimstone Dimension
In order to free themselves, Azazel planned to breed mutant teleporters that were able to pass into the Brimstone Dimension during their teleportation. Among these included Nightcrawler, Abyss, and Kiwi Black all of whom used this realm during the use of their abilities.