What are apple pie shots made of?

What are apple pie shots made of?

What are apple pie shots made of?

Simply combine equal amounts of vodka and apple cider in a shot glass. Then, top with whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon.

What does apple pie moonshine taste like?

The apple pie variety is just as advertised: It tastes like apple pie, but with a kick. Generic apple pie moonshine is typically flavored with red apples and cinnamon, but Sugarlands’ version is a refreshing twist that evokes the scent and flavors of baked green apples, buttery shortbread, lemon, and caramel.

How do you make apple pie the liquor?


  1. Add the apple cider, apple juice, both sugars, apple pie spice, and 6 cinnamon sticks to an extra large stock pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Stir in the grain alcohol, caramel vodka, and vanilla vodka to the cooled mixture.
  3. Place 6 fresh cinnamon sticks among 6, 32 ounce mason jars.
  4. Pour moonshine into the jars.

Will apple pie moonshine get you drunk?

This Apple Pie Moonshine is seriously a party in a jar. Everyone will love it because not only will it get them drunk but because it’s super flavorful and it’s actually really enjoyable to drink!

Does apple pie moonshine get stronger the longer it sits?

Luckily, as the apple pie moonshine sits, the less alcohol you can taste. But there is still a lot of liquor, so sip lowly and drink responsibly. This moonshine is great right after it’s made, but it gets better the longer it sits.

Does Fireball and Coke taste good?

Fireball and Coke is perhaps the ultimate pairing. A regular whiskey and coke tastes great, but fireball and coke tastes even better, and this is because of the spices that are added to the fireball. If you’re on a diet, you can swap out regular Coke for Diet Coke, and it will taste just as good!

What is Everclear made out of?

Everclear is made from a fermented mixture of yeast, corn, sugar, and water. The resulting alcohol is 151 to 190 proof. While the 151 proof is the lower alcohol version of Everclear, the 190 proof version is the more potent and dangerous one.