The Theme for an Argumentative Essay

The Theme for an Argumentative Essay

Today, it is almost impossible to meet a person who would not have secondary or higher education, and therefore someone who would not have faced with writing an essay during studying. Someone did it on his own, someone ordered from services such as buy argumentative essay.

The first and most important step in writing an argumentative essay is to choose a topic. The whole process of writing an essay depends on it, it is the key to the quality and competent essay.

Choose a topic for argumentative essay

For many years, the writing of argumentative essays by students has been practised in higher education institutions. And often the choice of topics for it is provided to the student. This can greatly confuse him.

There are two situations in defining the topic for an essay:

  • The direction of the topic is set by the teacher. In this case, you can decide on a specific topic, thinking about what work your teacher expects to receive. To review the direction indicated by him, to analyze it, to try to formulate the topic in a given direction. If the topic is too broad, it will be better to narrow it down to facilitate the essay writing process. Write for each of the topics on the list, in your opinion, the main idea, paying attention to which of the formulated ideas caused you the least difficulty.
  • Self-selection of topics by the student. In this case, it is unlimited in choosing the direction of the topic and has complete freedom of action. This will allow to analyze and write an argumentative essay about the project, which is interesting to him. At the result, the essay can get meaningful and reasoned. The student needs to make a list of the most interesting topics for him, analyze it and determine which of its causes the student more thoughts and ideas. It should be chosen as a topic for an argumentative essay. Formulate keywords and phrases and note what you associate it with. This will be useful when defining a topic for an argumentative essay.

The choice of a very extensive topic can be fraught with the fact that you will not be able to disclose it fully and to conduct its in-depth analysis, to make more mistakes and not to convey to the reader the main idea of your argumentative essay. Also, avoid selecting too narrow of a topic so that your essay won’t be too small in volume and was not devoid of the breadth of thought.

When choosing a topic for your essay, think about what you want to write an essay about. When determining its purpose, you can ask yourself a few pressing questions:

  • Can you convince people of what you believe?
  • Will you be able to achieve the goal pursued through the argumentative essay?
  • Do you want to tell about a particular person, event, phenomenon or anything else?

The topic you choose for your essay must absolutely meet your goals.

Evaluation of the selected topic

Once you have done all the steps to identify the topic for the essay and have finally chosen it, then think again about whether you will be able to reveal it deeply and give a sufficient number of individual arguments in favour of the main thesis. Do you have any fascinating stories on this topic, will you be able to captivate the reader and convince him to read the essay from beginning to end, whether the chosen topic inspires you and whether it helps to generate new interesting thoughts and ideas.

Pay sufficient attention to whether you can find the necessary sources of information to disclose the topic of a reasoned essay. Evaluate their relevance and availability.

The selection and study of sources of information can even begin before choosing a topic, and on the basis of the analysis of the information collected from it to formulate a topic for the essay. Try to match the topic you have chosen for your argument essay with what your teacher told you in class. Try to adapt your topic to what is interesting to your teacher too.

If as a result of the above actions you came to the conclusion that you will not be able to disclose the topic in full volume, then be sure to contact your teacher to find out whether you can change it to another.