Is Shepard immune to indoctrination?

Is Shepard immune to indoctrination?

Is Shepard immune to indoctrination?

I’m confident that it can be suggested that Shepard is immune to the indoctrination process and that is what generally scares the Reapers. Take note that the Leviathan’s which has as much if not more power than the Reapers use the same ability as the Reapers and it is ineffective against Shepard.

Is the indoctrination theory canon?

A former BioWare writer confirmed in an interview that the “Indoctrination Theory” for Mass Effect 3 isn’t canon — but not because it isn’t smart.

What is the indoctrination theory Mass Effect?

The Indoctrination theory, in case you’re wondering, is all about the ending of Mass Effect 3. It speculates that Commander Shepard has become fully brainwashed by the Reapers by the time they reach the end of the game and that they have been manipulated over the course of the trilogy.

Did Shepard get indoctrinated?

However, he was also clear about the fact that Shepard being indoctrinated was never on the cards at BioWare – it’s a theory that was completely born from fans. “The Indoctrination Theory is a really interesting theory, but it’s entirely created by the fans,” Hepler explains.

Is the indoctrination theory true?

BioWare Confirms Once And For All Mass Effect 3’s Indoctrination Theory Wasn’t True.

Can Rachni be indoctrinated?

It is revealed that the Reapers found the Rachni Queen and indoctrinated most of her children, though not the queen herself. The indoctrinated rachni were converted into Ravagers, walking organic artillery, through a process of implantation and genetic modification.

How did the illusive man get indoctrinated?

He became indoctrinated after he had Cerberus operatives recover fragments of the destroyed (or the complete body, depending on player choices) human Proto-Reaper, after Commander Shepard dealt with the Collector Base in Mass Effect 2.

Are the Reapers indoctrinated?

Indoctrination is the term used for the “brainwashing” effect the Reapers and their technology have on organic beings. A signal or energy field surrounds the Reaper, which subtly influences the minds of any organic individual in range.

Should you save Rachni Queen?

Players can choose to let the Rachni Queen go free or kill her. If players choose to spare the Rachni Queen, she’ll flee to the wilderness of Noveria and promise Shepard that her children will remember the kindness shown to her by the Commander. If players decide to kill her, the Rachni Queen will plead with Shepard.