Is Marmox any good?

Is Marmox any good?

Is Marmox any good?

Marmox boards have fantastic thermal performance and the closed-cell structure of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam imparts excellent long-term strength and durability. Marmox New Zealand has been awarded the BRANZ appraisal for its tile backer boards.

What is Marmox board?

The Original Marmox Board As a tile and shower backer board, it provides an effective decoupling membrane to prevent tiles and grout from cracking due to horizontal movement in the floor. The unique patented surface of Marmox Multiboard allows heavier tiles to be safely and securely fixed to walls.

What is Marmox board made of?

extruded polystyrene
Marmox is a construction board made of extruded polystyrene, which is totally waterproof (when water is not under high pressure), faced on either side with a fibreglass mesh, which is embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar.

How do you use Marmox?

  1. 1 For a stud wall build with 600mm. centres, use 20mm Marmox Multiboard or thicker.
  2. 2 Use a screw/Marmox washer every. 300mm on each stud.
  3. 3a – Tiling. Be sure to tape all the.
  4. 3b – Plastering.
  5. 1 Measure Marmox Multiboards and.
  6. 2 Marmox Multiboards can be fixed to.
  7. 1 Use a 6/8mm trowel to comb adhe-
  8. 2 Push firmly onto wall.

Is Marmox board waterproof?

Marmox Multiboard is completely impermeable to water and can be used to protect walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens.

Can you plaster Marmox board?

Marmox Multiboards ‘pre-primed’ so as soon as they are installed, they are ready to be plastered. The boards can be coated with either a traditional base and top coat or just a skim coat of finishing plaster. The boards can be fixed directly onto solid masonry walls, concrete, window reveals or onto battens.

How do you cut Marmox?

Measure an cut to size the Marmox Multiboard using a knife or saw. 2. Drill fixing holes through the board into the solid wall; for short boards drill 5 holes – 1 in each corner and in the middle, and for long boards drill 6 holes around the edges and 2 in the middle.

Can you dot and dab Marmox board?

Can plasterboard dot and dab adhesive be used? No, a cement-based tile adhesive is needed.

Should I prime my Marmox board?

Can I plaster onto Marmox Multiboard? Yes, the surface of the boards contains additives to reduce the porosity and stop the possible formation of ettringite salts which can sometimes occur when a gypsum plaster is applied to a concrete surface. The boards therefore do not need to be primed.

Can you plaster Marmox?