Is Eon or alto better?

Is Eon or alto better?

Is Eon or alto better?

Verdict. As was the case between the Eon and the Alto K10, the Alto 800 too is a better car to drive and the Eon struggles to match up with it on the mechanical end of things. However, as a product to buy and own, the Eon scores higher. It is more comfortable, practical and more spacious.

Which car is best Eon or Alto 800?

The cabin space in the Eon is much better than the Alto 800. The boot space of the Eon is better at 215 litres than the Alto 800 which offers 177 litres. However, if you purchase the LPG/CNG versions of the car, the boot space would reduce even further.

Is Eon car is good for long drive?

Yes, you can go for a long drive in Hyundai Eon, although there is no problem with its 800cc engine but as per user reviews its steering doesn’t weigh up well at high speed, the soft suspension and basic chassis don’t do the Eon any favor either and it doesn’t feel stable beyond the speed of 75-80 kmph, so it is not a …

Which model of Eon is best?

The top model of Hyundai Eon [2011-2019] is 1.0 Kappa Magna (O) AirBag and the last recorded price for Eon [2011-2019] 1.0 Kappa Magna (O) AirBag is ₹ 4.71 Lakh.

Does Hyundai Eon have airbags?

Yes, Hyundai EON has airbag; the top-end variant Hyundai EON Sportz comes with driver side airbag, which makes it a safe car to drive with.

Is Eon car in CNG?

Yes, Hyundai EON is available in both the LPG versions.

Why did Hyundai stop Eon?

In August 2018, Hyundai Motor India Pvt. Ltd announced that the Eon will be discontinued by the end of September 2019, as the car is not compliant with new safety regulations that will be implemented in October 2019 and the Bharat Stage VI emissions regulations that will be enforced in April 2020.

What type of car is Eon?

The Hyundai Eon is a compact 5-door vehicle sporting a very sleek design. Everything about the car is noticeably smaller and lighter. It’s because the main selling point of the car is the reduced weight. The car exterior is covered by sheet metal.