Is cisplatin better than carboplatin?

Is cisplatin better than carboplatin?

Is cisplatin better than carboplatin?

Meta-analyses of palliative chemotherapy indicate consistent survival advantages with cisplatin-based therapy over carboplatin; however, the relative advantage is small. Cisplatin carries a higher toxicity profile, including nausea, vomiting, neuropathy, renal insufficiency, and alopecia in comparison to carboplatin.

Is carboplatin the same as Cytoxan?

Carboplatin and Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) are anti-cancer medications used to treat ovarian cancer. A difference is that carboplatin is also indicated for the palliative treatment of patients with ovarian carcinoma recurrent after prior chemotherapy, including patients who have been previously treated with cisplatin.

Is carboplatin less toxic than cisplatin?

Carboplatin appears less toxic than cisplatin producing to date similar survival and response as a single agent.

Are carboplatin and cisplatin interchangeable?

There is no definite overall survival difference between cisplatin or carboplatin based first-line chemotherapy. Cisplatin-based chemotherapy is associated with more severe nausea and vomiting and nephrotoxicity; severe thrombocytopaenia is more frequent during carboplatin-based chemotherapy.

How effective is taxol and carboplatin?

How effective is Taxol and carboplatin? The combination of carboplatin-Taxol is well tolerated and achieves a clinical response rate of 50% to 81% and an average progression free survival (PFS) of 13.6 to 19.3 months.

What type of drug is cyclophosphamide?

Cyclophosphamide is in a class of medications called alkylating agents. When cyclophosphamide is used to treat cancer, it works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells in your body. When cyclophosphamide is used to treat nephrotic syndrome, it works by suppressing your body’s immune system.

Is cisplatin more toxic than carboplatin?

Cisplatin and carboplatin have different toxicity profiles; cisplatin is associated with a higher rate of nausea, vomiting, nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity, while carboplatin has a higher risk of myelosupresssion and neurotoxicity6.

Why is Taxol given before carboplatin?

by Taxol (paclitaxel, Paxel) must be given before carboplatin because if carboplatin is given before Taxol, it stops Taxol from having an effect on cancer cells.