Is chromotherapy the same as light therapy?

Is chromotherapy the same as light therapy?

Is chromotherapy the same as light therapy?

Chromotherapy (“light therapy”) is the application of visible light, the color spectrum, to aid in the purpose of tissue regeneration and healing.

What are the benefits of chromotherapy?

Light Therapy has been reported to reduce swelling, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, accelerate open wound healing and greatly reduce overall recovery after medical or surgical procedures.

What is chromotherapy lighting system?

Chromotherapy is the use of the visible spectrum, or color light, to heal the physical, mental and spiritual energy imbalance that tends to lead to disease. It is one of the most holistic and simple methods to cure illness.

Does color light therapy work?

Results indicate that full-spectrum, ultraviolet, colored, and laser light can have therapeutic value for a range of conditions from chronic pain and depression to immune disorders. The use of chromotherapy light is also penetrating popular culture.

Is chromotherapy a real thing?

Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to cure various diseases. We have undertaken a critical analysis of chromotherapy and documented its scientific evolution to date.

Who invented chromotherapy?

Pleasanton’s work led to the first formal studies of chromotherapy in the 1870s, which led to the publication of Blue and Red Light; or, Light and Its Rays as Medicine (1877) by Dr. S. Pancoast. By far the most important of the early chromotherapists, however, was Edwin Dwight Babbitt.

What is unique about chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy provides colors to the electromagnetic body or the aura (energy field) around the body, which in turn transfers energy to the physical body. This makes chromotherapy the most effective among various therapies.

How is chromotherapy done?

It can either be done through sight, that is, by looking at a particular color in hopes that your body elicits the desired response, or by directly reflecting certain colors on parts of the body in hopes that it can help treat a particular ailment.

Is chromotherapy a pseudoscience?

Chromotherapy, sometimes called color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy, is an alternative medicine method that is considered pseudoscience and quackery.