Is CAT6A cable shielded?

Is CAT6A cable shielded?

Is CAT6A cable shielded?

CAT6A F/UTP means the cable consists of 4 unshielded twisted pairs, however, it contains an outer foil shield. This is a shielded cable.


The most common CAT6A cables are U/UTP (no shielding on the cable or wires) and F/UTP (foil shielding on the cable and no shielding on the wires).

What is 6a wire?

The Category 6a, or Cat6a, cable is the latest iteration of Gigabit Ethernet cabling. The a stands for “augmented” and is a nod to Cat6a’s improved specifications compared with its predecessor, the Category 6, or Cat6 cable.

Is shielded Ethernet cable necessary?

In small homes or businesses, unshielded Ethernet cables will usually work just fine. Unless your home or office sits near power lines or is stuffed with appliances, there isn’t typically enough interference around a home or small business environment to require shielded Ethernet cables.

Should I use STP or UTP?

UTP cables contain no shields and they are thinner than STP cables, which is easier for cable installation and maintenance, particularly in limited space. While the shields of STP cables are quite fragile and rigid. If the shield suffered damage, cabling systems are likely to be affected by interference.

Do I need CAT6 or Cat6A?

6 network cable already allows a bandwidth of 1 Gigabit per second, so 1000 Mbit/s, the Cat. 6a cable can achieve a much higher speed. In terms of speed, the Cat. 6a cable is therefore superior to the Cat.

What size wire is Cat6A?

Cat 6A uses 16- to 20-gauge wires. Thicker wire translates onto higher PoE. Cat 6A cable is considerably thicker then Cat 6, which in turn is thicker than Cat 5.

What is a shielded Ethernet cable?

A shielded cable or shield twisted pair (STP) cable has an outside layer or “shield” of conductive material around the internal conductors, which needs to be grounded to cancel the effect of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Does cat need 6a cable?

While the one type of cable only achieves a frequency of about 250 MHz, the Cat. 6a comes up with a double frequency of almost 500 MHz….In terms of speed, the Cat. 6a cable is therefore superior to the Cat. 6.

Cat.6 Cat.6a
Frequency 250 MHz 500 MHz
max. length 100m (109,36 yds) 100m (109,36 yds)

Do I need Cat6 shielded?

As a rule, you will only need shielding when your cable is running through an area of high electro-magnetic interference or radio frequency interference (called EMI/RFI). This might be output by power line structures, large magnets or sometimes radio antennas.