Is Camus a good brandy?

Is Camus a good brandy?

Is Camus a good brandy?

Camus VSOP Elegance It is a high-quality product that you can enjoy a fruity scent and a mellow aroma, and it is also recommended for those who drink Camus brandy for the first time because the astringency unique to brandy is suppressed.

What does Camus Cognac taste like?

Tasting Info

Style: Fruity & Complex
Flavor: cherry stone liqueur, orange marmalade, and cinnamon smoke
Smoothness: Tingling
Enjoy: in cocktails, neat and on the rocks
Cocktails: Champs-Élysées, Brandy Crusta, Champs-Élysées

Is Camus Cognac a brandy?

Camus Cognac is a brand of cognac that has been produced by five generations of the Camus family, since 1863 when Jean-Baptiste Camus organized a group of producers to sell cognac under the brand ‘La Grande Marque’….Camus Cognac.

Industry Production, commercialisation and distribution of wine & spirits

What kind of liquor is Camus?

Camus is the fifth-largest cognac producer in the world but was only introduced to the US in 2010. Founded in 1863, the brand has been passed down through five generations of the Camus family.

Is Camus cognac any good?

Final Thoughts: A decent light bodied cognac, fruity and subtle, with a minimum of oak impact. A excellent value in terms of price/quality ratio and getting easier to find.

Is Camus Cognac any good?

Who owns Camus Cognac?

President Cyril Camus
In fifth place is Camus, which has been family owned since 1863—the last in the industry—for five generations, and currently headed by 48-year-old President Cyril Camus, who is trying to distinguish his brand from the rest through innovations like its signature Borderies XO as well as Cognacs tailored to specifications …

How much does Camus cognac cost?

Camus Cognac X.O. Intensely aromatic is a very apt name, though Camus might want to tack “flavorful, and complex” onto the end there. Average price: $180.

Is Camus XO a good cognac?

It finishes long, dry and clean, with just a hint of vanilla. Camus XO Cognac is pretty representative of the Camus style of Cognacs in general – lots of fruit, light oak. It’s a pleasant, easy-drinking, subtle Cognac that’s suitable for everyday sipping, should your budget allow it.