How much does it cost to build a cold room in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to build a cold room in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to build a cold room in Nigeria?

between 4 and 10 Million Naira
How much is a Cold room in Nigeria? A standard cold room can cost between 4 and 10 Million Naira. If your capital is low, you might want to consider buying a small cold room, or a number of industrial freezers to start with.

What are the requirements for a cold room?

Most cold rooms will be able to accommodate temperatures between -2°C and 10°C. As for the specific temperature range of a cold room, that depends on what’s being stored inside. For food items such as fresh produce, an ideal cold room temperature ranges between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

What material is used for cold room?

Polyurethane is the most commonly used, efficient material in use for cold room panels, being used in over 90% of all panels. It is a rigid cellular foam composed of two liquids: polyol and isocyanate.

Do you need planning permission for a cold room?

Refrigerated container cold rooms: It does not require any planning permission in order to be installed. It is equipped with sound alarm and man trap which is good for security.

How much will it cost to set up a cold room?

The cold storage construction cost may vary from few Lakhs to many Carores. The mini cold storage project cost, varies from INR 50 Lakhs to many carores depending on the type of project and location of the project. Either, it can be near to the farms or consumer centers.

How much does it cost to build a cold storage?

The project cost for setting up of 5000 MT Cold Storage may be in the range of Rs. 350 – 400 lakh, including cost of the land. Back- ended subsidy @ 40% of the project cost for general and 55% in case of hilly and scheduled areas for maximum storage capacity up to 5,000 per ton under the Govt.

How do you design a cold room?

Considerations for designing a cold storage

  1. 1- Determination of the type of cold storage.
  2. 2- The type of products to be stored.
  3. 3- Product storage temperature and relative humidity.
  4. 4- Entry temperature of the product to the warehouse.
  5. 5- Daily entry amount to the warehouse of the products.
  6. 6- Packaging types of products.

What are the types of cold rooms?

Just like any refrigeration system, cold rooms use an evaporator inside the unit and a condenser outside the unit to move heat outside, thus cooling the inside. From a broad perspective, there are three kinds of cold rooms: self-contained, remote condensing, and multiplex condensing.

How do you insulate a cold room?

Since most cold rooms extend underneath the front steps, you’ll need to insulate both the ceiling and the walls. I recommend extruded polystyrene foam here, at least 2″ (50mm) thick), with no stud walls. My favourite foam finishing option has grooves along the edge of each 2×8-foot sheet for wooden anchoring battens.

Should I insulate my cold room?

You shouldn’t insulate the exterior walls of the cold room — you want the air in there to be cool and moist. But you’ll still need to have air circulation in a cold room/wine cellar, so make sure it’s vented to the outside. And in extreme temperatures you’ll want to be able to adjust the airflow.

How big can you build without planning?

The recent relaxation of permitted developments means that homeowners are now able to add extensions without needing planning permissions. You can add a home extension or conservatory up to six metres, or eight metres if your home is detached, without needing to apply for planning permission.