How much does a TN Walking Horse cost?

How much does a TN Walking Horse cost?

How much does a TN Walking Horse cost?

around $2,000 per horse
Tennessee Walking horses usually average around $2,000 per horse, but the cost can vary widely depending on how many breeders are in your area and overall demand. If you need your horse to be broken in and trained when you buy it, you will need to spend more. A fully trained horse can often run $10,000 or more.

Are Tennessee Walkers illegal?

Federal law requires all Tennessee walking horses and Racking Horses entered in exhibitions, shows, auctions or sales be inspected for soring prior to entering the ring. Any horse who receives first place in a show or exhibition must also be inspected after the winning class.

Is a Tennessee Walking Horse a good horse?

Tennessee Walking Horses are great all-around horses. They have a good temperament, are sturdy and reliable. They are best known for their style of walking, and comfortable ride, but there is much more to Tennessee Walkers. The Tennessee Walking Horse’s gait is just one of many desirable traits of this breed.

Are Tennessee Walkers good beginner horses?

Generally, Tennessee Walking Horses are good beginner horses and have all the traits necessary to be an excellent choice for novice riders: they’re sure-footed, willing, have a smooth gait, and a calm temperament. But as with any animal, some may not conform to breed standards.

What is the lifespan of a Tennessee Walker?

between 28-and-33 years old
Generally, the Tennessee walker lives to be between 28-and-33 years old. As the name implies, this gaited horse was developed in Tennessee and other southern United States locations in the late 18th century. Animals of this breed stand about 63-inches tall and weigh about 1,050 pounds.

Are Tennessee Walking horses easy keepers?

These horses are usually easy keepers, which can save you money in feed bills. Some show Tennessee Walkers do develop health issues, like back pain and Navicular disease, and hoof issues can result, especially when horses are shown in padded or built-up shoes.

Are Tennessee walking horses still abused?

With the PAST act passed, Tennessee Walking Horses are now protected against abuse.

Are all Tennessee Walkers gaited?

Walkers are famous for their flatfoot walk, running walk, and canter, but they can and do offer other gaits–lots of them, in fact. The dog walk or trail walk (usually three to four miles per hour) is a slow, easy walk; there’s not much action or speed so there’s not much nodding, either.

What’s the difference between a Tennessee walker and a quarter horse?

A quarter horse has a standard gait of a walk, trot, canter, lope, and gallop. A Tennessee Walking Horse is a gaited horse with a smooth gait. Their normal gait is a running walk with a four-beat gait. Their variety of gaits are a flat walk, rack, running walk, stepping pace, single-foot, and saddle gait.