How much does a new spa cover cost?

How much does a new spa cover cost?

How much does a new spa cover cost?

A hot tub replacement cover may range from $350- $500*, depending on what type of hot tub model you have. A sturdy Caldera Spas cover is designed specifically with your spa in mind and is designed for maximum energy-efficiency. Its tight seal insulates well and locks in heat, which saves you money on operating costs.

Can you replace the inside of a hot tub cover?

Q: Can the foam panels inside of a Hot Tub Works cover be replaced without buying the entire cover? A: Yes! We sell replacement foam panels for our own Hot Tub Works spa covers.

What is the average lifespan of a hot tub cover?

5–7 years
On average, a hot tub or swim spa cover will need to be replaced every 5–7 years. While some covers are built to last much longer than others, any object that is subjected to the elements will eventually show signs of wear. Knowing when to replace your cover may not be as easy as you think.

Why is my hot tub cover so heavy?

The simple answer is that the hot tub cover foam core becomes waterlogged over time. This water soaks the core and is what is responsible for most of the weight. When this happens, you hot tub cover will become very heavy and your cover will no longer be as effective at protecting your hot tub from the elements.

How do you measure for a spa pool cover?

Measure distance (T1 & T2) from each outer spa edge to centre of catch. If more than one catch per side also measure distance between catches (T3). Then measure from top of the spa (not the spa cover) down to center of catch (T4). Measure from top surface of spa shell down to where it meets cabinet, deck or tile.

What is the thickness of a hot tub cover?

Covers range in thickness, from 4 inches tapered to 2 inches on the edges, or from 6 inches tapered to 4 inches. The difference in thickness is not only in size but also with regards to load capacity. A thicker foam can withstand more weight. However, the thicker the cover, the heavier it gets.