How much are tickets to Ohio State Michigan game?

How much are tickets to Ohio State Michigan game?

How much are tickets to Ohio State Michigan game?

Michigan vs. Ohio State tickets vary based on a number of factors. Right now, the median price for Michigan vs. Ohio State tickets is $985.

How do I get Michigan football tickets?

Tickets to Michigan football games will be digital for a second straight year, and they can be purchased via the athletic department website or Michigan ticket office, 1000 South State Street in Ann Arbor. The ticket office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What is the average ticket price for an Ohio State football game?

In 2019, single-game tickets ranged from $60 to $198 with an average price of $117. Student tickets have been $34 per seat since 2013. Members of Varsity ‘O’ Association (former OSU athletes), faculty and staff as well as recent graduates are also eligible to buy season tickets at reduced rates.

Where do I buy Michigan football tickets?

You can buy Michigan Wolverines tickets right here on StubHub!

How much do OSU tickets cost?

Season tickets can be purchased for as low as $559, a reduction of more than $150 from the lowest-priced season ticket during the current season, which was $710. Single-game ticket prices in Zones 5 and 6 (sections of the upper deck of Ohio Stadium) will also be reduced.

How many seats are in a row at Michigan Stadium?

98 rows
Michigan Stadium is bleacher seating and is made up of a single level containing up to 98 rows in a single section, making higher level rows similar to upper level seats in more traditional stadiums.

How much are tickets to university of Michigan football game?

Michigan Wolverines Football Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 Michigan Stadium $146
2019 Michigan Stadium $150
2018 Michigan Stadium $110
2017 Michigan Stadium $148

How much are University of Michigan football tickets?

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Game End Zone Valiant
Western Michigan $60 $95
Washington $145 $180
Northern Illinois $55 $85
Rutgers $70 $100

How much is a ticket to a Michigan football game?