How many villages are there in Hoshiarpur?

How many villages are there in Hoshiarpur?

How many villages are there in Hoshiarpur?

Hoshiarpur district comprises 4 sub-divisions, 10 community development blocks, 9 urban local bodies and 1417 villages.

Why Hoshiarpur is called Hoshiarpur?

Hoshiarpur district is located in the north-east part of the Indian state of Punjab….

Founded In 1325–1351 A.D.
Founded by Hargovind Ram & Ram Chand (Dewans of Muhammad bin Tughluq)
Named for Hoshiar Khan Of Bajwara

What is special in Hoshiarpur?

Hoshiarpur is known as the ‘Land of Saints’ as it is home to many saints and gurus. Many prominent personalities of India come from this charming town. Blessed with hills and forests, this district enjoys a mild climate compared to the other districts in the state.

Which is the biggest village of Punjab?


Longowal longowal
Country India
State Punjab
District Sangrur
Founded by Baba Alla Singh

Who is MC of Hoshiarpur?

Welcome to the official Web portal of Municipal Corporation Hoshiarpur.

Which state is in Hoshiarpur?

PunjabHoshiarpur / State

What is the population of Hoshiarpur?

Hoshiarpur City Population 2011

Hoshiarpur City Total Male
City Population 168,653 88,304
Literates 133,367 71,551
Children (0-6) 17,337 9,274
Average Literacy (%) 88.14 % 90.54 %

Which is the smallest village of Punjab?

Toosa is a village in Punjab, India….

State Punjab
District Ludhiana
• Total 2.4 km2 (0.9 sq mi)