How many tours did Kevin Hart do?

How many tours did Kevin Hart do?

How many tours did Kevin Hart do?

Hart’s comedy tours began in 2009 with his act titled I’m a Grown Little Man, followed by Seriously Funny in 2010, Laugh at My Pain in 2011, and Let Me Explain in 2013, the later two of which were also released as features in movie theaters.

Where did Kevin Hart perform?

Kevin Hart Tours & Concerts (Updated for 2022)

Date Concert Venue
Aug 22, 2018 Kevin Hart L’Olympia
Aug 04, 2018 Kevin Hart Amalie Arena
Jul 14, 2018 Kevin Hart BB Pavilion
Jul 14, 2018 Kevin Hart BB Pavilion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

How much did Kevin Hart make in 2013?

Live Stand Up and Kevin Hart Net Worth: $58 Million

Kevin Hart Net Worth From Live Apperances
2010 $10,250,000
2011 $12,000,000
2012 $7,500,000
2013 $350,000

Is Kevin Hart really short?

Kevin Hart’s height might actually shock you Kevin Hart is extremely short; with the comedian standing at just 5 feet 2 inches, per Suggest. That is about 4 inches shorter than his wife, Eniko Parrish who is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, per Amomama, but that has nothing on their love.

Who is True Story based on Netflix?

Though True Story is loosely based on Kevin Hart himself, the show is largely fictitious. The Kid, like Hart, is a world-renowned stand-up comedian performing sold-out shows and being paid $25million (£19m) to star in superhero blockbusters with Chris Hemsworth.

How can I meet Kevin Hart?

Go to events like BookCon where Kevin Hart will be meeting fans. Sometimes stars attend events, like BookCon or ComicCon, to treat their fans to meet-ups or photo ops. These events are usually timed with a new release by the celebrity as good public relations. Join mailing lists of fans who blog about Kevin Hart often.

How much does Kevin Hart make per show?

According to Forbes, Hart makes a serious amount of cash for his comedy tours, pulling in about $1 million per performance.

Is Kevin Hart a billionaire?

As of 2022, Kevin Hart’s net worth is $200 million.