How long is the new Ford Puma?

How long is the new Ford Puma?

How long is the new Ford Puma?

Ford Puma Dimensions 2021

Ford Puma Height 1555mm
Ford Puma Width 1805mm
Ford Puma Length 4186mm
Ford Puma Ground clearance unladen 164mm
Ford Puma Wheelbase 2588mm

Is a Ford Puma bigger than a Ford Fiesta?

Practicality. Compared with the Fiesta, the Puma is taller, longer, wider, with more space for passengers and luggage. It is 15cm longer, 6cm wider and a ride height lift is supplemented by a higher roofline and higher seat position to emphasise its crossover nature.

How big is the new Ford Puma?

Size. The Puma is one of the smaller options in the supermini sized SUV class. It measures 4,207mm in length, 1,805mm wide and stands 1,537 tall.

Is the Ford Puma bigger than the Ford EcoSport?

The EcoSport has a slightly longer wheelbase than the Puma but the Puma is nearly six inches longer. EcoSport wins on width, being six inches wider than the Puma.

Is the Ford Puma bigger than the Ford Focus?

The Puma sits in the Ford SUV lineup between the EcoSport and Kuga , and while it’s based on the Ford Fiesta platform it feels considerably bigger thanks to its sporty crossover stance and a boot that’s more spacious than a Focus hatchback.

Do Ford Pumas hold their value?

Our experts predict the Ford Puma will retain around 60 per cent of its original value over three years and 36,000 miles, whereas the Renault Captur keeps an average of 46 to 50 per cent over the same period.

Is a Puma bigger than a Focus?

What’s bigger focus or Puma?

What does the Ford Puma replace?

The Ford Puma is a small SUV/crossover, which was unveiled in 2019 and arrived in the UK in early 2020. It is a similar size to the existing Ford EcoSport but does not directly replace it.

What is the road tax on a Ford Puma?


Annual Road Tax Six-monthly Road Tax
ST-Line 1.0 Ford Ecoboost Hybrid (mHEV) 125PS 5d (1 Apr 2020 onwards) £165.00 £90.75
ST-Line 1.0 Ford Ecoboost Hybrid (mHEV) 125PS 5d (4 Dec 2019 – 31 Mar 2020) £165.00 £90.75
ST-Line 1.0 Ford Ecoboost Hybrid (mHEV) 155PS 5d (1 Apr 2020 onwards) £165.00 £90.75