How far is Brundage from McCall?

How far is Brundage from McCall?

How far is Brundage from McCall?

8 miles
Brundage Mountain Resort is only 8 miles from McCall, Idaho.

Who owns Brundage ski?

2020: Brundage Mountain Holdings, led by long-time Board Member Bob Looper, assumes ownership of the resort several months after the death of former president Judd DeBoer. DeBoer’s favorite run, Lower Slobovia, is re-named Judd’s Gem in his honor.

Does Brundage make snow?

Brundage Mountain Resort Weather (Next 3 days): The snow forecast for Brundage Mountain Resort is: A dusting of snow giving way to moderate rain (total 11.0mm) heaviest on Sat afternoon. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 12°C on Sun afternoon, min -3°C on Fri morning).

What is the elevation of Brundage Ski Resort?

Elevation: 6050′ – Brundage Base Area.

Where do you fly into for Brundage Mountain?

The closest airport to Brundage Mountain is Boise.

What is the average snowfall in McCall Idaho?

Snowfall. The average annual snowfall in McCall is 138 inches and over 300 inches on Brundage Mountain. At McCall’s altitude of 5,000 feet accumulation is typically less than 48 inches due to repeated settling and thawing.

Who bought Brundage?

The DeBoer family
The DeBoer family and Brundage Mountain Resort President, Bob Looper, jointly announce that Brundage Mountain Holdings LLC has purchased the majority interest in Brundage Mountain Resort.

How did Brundage Mountain get its name?

For several summers Brundage grazed his sheep on this mountain, until the land was designated as a reserve. Since Winfield Scott Brundage was the first man to graze his sheep on this mountain, it became known as Brundage Mountain.

How much snow does Brundage get?

Snow History

Total Snowfall Average Base Depth
2018 – 2019 308″ 39″
2019 – 2020 213″ 26″
2020 – 2021 202″ 37″
2021 – To Date 181″ 28″

What mountain range is Brundage in?

The area’s annual snowfall is 300–350 inches (760–890 cm). The summit of Brundage Mountain straddles the county line with Valley County to the east, in which McCall lies….

Brundage Mountain
Lift capacity 7,900 / hour
Terrain parks 2
Snowfall 300–350 in (760–890 cm)
Snowmaking none

How many runs does Brundage?

10 runs, 11,726 vertical feet, & a smile from ear to ear! – Brundage Mountain Resort.