How do you write an age range in APA format?

How do you write an age range in APA format?

How do you write an age range in APA format?

Use numerals for time (3 months, 2 weeks) and age (7-year-old, aged 40 years).

Do you put a period after PM?

Rules. Lowercase a.m. and p.m. and always use periods. Lowercase noon and midnight.

Can you Pluralise et al?

“et al.” is generally used for papers with more than two authors. (Note that “et al.” makes the subject plural if the authors are the subject of the sentence rather than the paper, so it is “Smith et al. [1] show” not “shows”.

Do numbers or letters come first in APA?

If a reference list entry begins with a number (as might be the case for a reference with no author), you should alphabetize the entry in the reference list as though the number were spelled out. So in the following example, the reference that begins with 50 would be alphabetized as though 50 were written fifty.

How do you write age ranges?

Do we say “children ages 6 through 12” or “aged 6 through 12?” Age is usually used to describe a single age, but can be used for a range as well, as in “children age 5 to 10.” Ages is used commonly for ranges (“children ages 5 to 10”).

Do you italicize et seq?

When using et seq. or et al., since the period is part of the word, it is italicized or underlined. Any punctuation following that period (as in the second example) is not italicized or underlined.

How do you use et seq in a sentence?

et seq in a sentence

  1. I thinK I can use et seq .
  2. Buber, pp .
  3. It was codified as California Civil Code, sections 1954.50, et seq ., in 1995.
  4. Notarial acts performed in Colorado are governed under the Notaries Public Act, et seq.
  5. January 1829, pp .
  6. This responsibility is mandated by articles 1792 ” et seq . ” of the Civil Code.

What does et seq mean?

(et sek) Abbreviation for the Latin phrase “et sequentes,” meaning “and the following.” It is commonly used by lawyers to include numbered lists, pages, or sections after the first number is stated, as in “the rules of the road are found in Vehicle Code Section 1204, et seq.” courts. legal practice/ethics.

How do you write or in APA format?

Use the abbreviation “v.” instead of “vs.” in the title or name of a court case in the reference list and in all in-text citations. For example, write Brown v.

How do you write et seq?

Et seq. is defined as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et sequentes which means “and the following.” An example of et seq. is what is put after the first entry in a list in a contract; item number 123, et seq. An example of et seq. is pointing out your friends coming in the door behind you at a restaurant.

Does et seq have a period?

because et is a complete Latin word meaning and — it’s not an abbreviation. But always put a period after al because it’s the abbreviation for the different forms of the Latin word meaning others (alii, alius, alia, or aliae).