How do you say romantic in Romanian?

How do you say romantic in Romanian?

How do you say romantic in Romanian?

  1. Te iubesc = I love you.
  2. Imi placi / Imi place de tine = I like you.
  3. The ador = I adore you.
  4. Mi-e dor de tine = I miss you.
  5. Iti dau inima mea = I give you my heart.
  6. Ma gandesc la tine = I’m thinking of you.
  7. Esti special / speciala = You are special (if it’s a guy / a girl)
  8. Esti dulce = You are sweet.

Which romance language is Romanian closest to?

Compared with the other Romance languages, the closest relative of Romanian is Italian; the two languages show a limited degree of asymmetrical mutual intelligibility, especially in their cultivated forms: speakers of Romanian seem to understand Italian more easily than the other way around, so learning Romanian, you …

What is Buna Ziua?

Meaning: Good morning/Hello/Good evening In Romania, formal conversations commonly start with ‘Buna ziua’, which, although translates literally as ‘Good day’, is meant as hello and used as a basic greeting.

Is Romanian language romantic?

Like French, Spanish and Italian, the Romanian language is a member of the Romance Languages. But unlike the other three countries, Romania is located in Eastern Europe, docked by Slavic-speaking countries. Because of this, many people think this Romance language is Slavic, but it’s so much more than that.

How do you call a Romanian girlfriend?

iubi is the short form of iubțel or iubțică thus iubi can be addressed to both a Romanian man or to a Romanian woman. Iubirică is a synonym of iubi and iubițel thus translated as well as baby, sweetheart, lover…

What does Norok mean?

Dictionary > Norok Fierce or unyielding in battle, fighting to the last; does not connotate viciousness or wildness, as in a fierce animal.

What do Romanian couples call each other?

Senior Member. Iubire (love), iubito (beloved), iubita mea (my beloved), scumpo/scumpete (dear, darling), scumpa mea (my darling), dragă (honey).