How do you save Jeanette in VTMB?

How do you save Jeanette in VTMB?

How do you save Jeanette in VTMB?

Right from the beginning you have to please both of the sisters with no complaints. Be sensual with Jeanette and obedient with Therese. Give the Hotel amulet to Therese and choose all the sensual (pink) lines when talking to Jeanette.

How do you save Therese and Jeanette?

Unlike the vanilla, you need:

  1. Seduction feat of at least 2.
  2. Use pink/seduction lines in at least one occasion; Jeanette and the NOT handing over to her the pendant.
  3. Give pendant to Therese.
  4. Be obedient to Therese.
  5. Be fun to Jeanette.

What is the best clan in VTMB?

Vampire The Masquerade: 5 Best Clans For New TTRPG Players (& 5 To Avoid)

  • 8 Try: Gangrel.
  • 7 Skip: Tremere.
  • 6 Try: Hecata.
  • 5 Skip: Tzimisce.
  • 4 Try: Ventrue.
  • 3 Skip: Lasombra.
  • 2 Try: Toreador.
  • 1 Skip: Nosferatu. Unfortunately, Nosferatu suffer from having hideous physical appearances after their Kiss.

How do you save both twins vampire the masquerade?

First, the player has to have their Persuasion level at four before even considering saving both sisters. Second, it’s important to note that each sister has their own relationship variable which means that you need to be in equally good standing with both after the first time you meet them.

Where is Bertram Tung?

Santa Monica
Bertram Tung is a particularly grotesque-looking Nosferatu elder living in an abandoned oil tank in Santa Monica. Bertram is only mentioned in conversation in the beginning of the game.

Which Vampire Masquerade game is the best?

Vampyr is an amazing contender for the best vampire game, however, as great of an RPG as that game is, it still does not manage to beat Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines….1 Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

Developer Troika Games
Release Date November 16, 2004

Where is Tung hiding?

Tung is hiding in an oil tank not far from The Asylum. You must meet with him and get him to show you a way into the warehouse so that the explosives can be set.

Where is the oil tank vampire bloodlines?

Location of quest SunCo Gasoline is an oil tank in Santa Monica that serves as the haven of Bertram Tung. The outside gate has a lockpick difficulty of 10, and it is only unlocked after the feud between Tung and Therese Voerman ends.