How do I look fashionable in Iceland?

How do I look fashionable in Iceland?

How do I look fashionable in Iceland?

Throw on a cardigan or a jacket. You can layer them quite nicely and guarantee an eclectic, stylish look. Oversized parkas are very chic in Iceland, particularly those with and fur-trimmed (faux fur-trimmed) hood can work magic! Add a chunky scarf and you’re done.

What is the clothing style in Iceland?

The key to dressing for Iceland’s climate is layering, regardless of the season. Lightweight woolens, rain- and windproof jacket and trousers, as well as good walking/hiking shoes are essential if you plan to do any touring in nature.

What do people wear out to dinner in Iceland?

A nice shirt and jeans for example with dark or brown shoes will work perfectly as well. But since it can get chilly during the winter time, I would recommend bringing a warm jacket, coat or blazer to keep you warm while you hop between different bars and nightclubs. Shark tasting & Icelandic Beer.

Can you wear shorts in Iceland?

Anything else is up to you! If you travel to Iceland in summer, you might find a purpose for all kinds of clothes. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting during a heatwave, you might wear shorts to go on day trips or walks. A light jacket may be enough as well.

Can you wear trainers in Iceland?

Regardless of the brand of shoe, ankle support is essential in Iceland. If you are not into technical hiking, a mid-height shoe will do just fine. For those in the US, best to shop at

Can you wear sneakers in Iceland?

Can you wear sneakers in Iceland? Of course you can! They’ll come in handy, especially during the summer, for visiting Reykjavík and going into local bars and restaurants. But we recommend wearing a pair of sturdy walking shoes with a good grip when you head into the countryside.

Can you wear heels in Iceland?

If travelling in Iceland, you’ll no doubt see countless people in completely unsuitable footwear for whatever they’re doing. Even in Reykjavík, you’ll see native Icelandic women (and possibly some men; it’s a cosmopolitan city after all) skidding outside of bars in their high heels in winter.