How do I get independence FM to work?

How do I get independence FM to work?

How do I get independence FM to work?

In GTA IV, Independence FM works in the same way as custom radio stations in previous games, whereby music is placed in a directory ([documents]\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\User Music) and can then be heard in-game. It is accessed in the same way as other radio stations, and simply appears when the player scrolls through.

How do I put my own music in GTA 4?

Answer: To play your own music files on the Self Radio station in GTAV and GTA Online, use these steps:

  1. Open your My Documents folder.
  2. Open Rockstar Games > GTAV > User Music.
  3. Copy any non-DRM’ed MP3s, WMAs, or M4As you would like on the Self Radio station here.

Why did GTA 4 Remove songs?

Grand Theft Auto has a long history of removing music from various games, often due to expired song licenses that are too costly to be renewed. Nothing sets the vibe for a video game quite like the music that accompanies it.

How do you make a self radio in GTA 5?

It’s in your user profile, in ‘\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\’. Next, copy (or move) the music into the folder. In-game, GTA 5 should automatically find your music and add Self Radio as a new station. If it doesn’t, head into the game’s settings menu, and open the Audio tab.

How do you crouch in GTA 4?

Press left analog stick to crouch.

Can you play your own music on GTA?

One of the cool things about GTA 5 PC is the ability to play your own music; and not in the usual way of turning down the audio and cranking Spotify in the background. “Self Radio” is GTA 5’s music player, and, much like GTA 4, it integrates your tunes into a new radio station, complete with chatter between songs.

How do you dodge in GTA 4?

When your opponent swings at you, quickly press and hold to dodge their attack, then let up and press down to counter them while their arm is still extended in attack position. Complete 10 of those within four minutes.

How do you zoom in on a sniper in GTA 4?

If you are shooting with a rifle or sniper right click to aim at the target and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom on it for a more closer view. When the target it at your justified range, then you can press LMB to shoot.