How do I get DoomKnight?

How do I get DoomKnight?

How do I get DoomKnight?

If you have already been a DragonLord for 24 months or longer, you will automatically be eligible to purchase the entire DoomKnight set with the Necrotic Sword of Doom, DoomKnight Helm, Cloak and Armor plus 40000 DragonCoins for $64.95.

How do you get DoomKnight class in Dragonfable?

DoomKnight, or DoomKnight V2, is the revamped and nonrare version of the DoomKnight class. It is obtained by buying all 4 DoomKnight Item DC packages. Every DoomKnight skill has scaling damage, given by the following formula: 100% scaled damage = (100 + 2 * [Player Level])% base damage.

Where is the DoomKnight hood?


  • DoomKnight Shop – Battleon.
  • DoomKnight Shop – LionFang War (Location)
  • DoomKnight Shop – Shadowfall.

How do you get Chaosweaver in Dragonfable?

Chaosweaver. Chaosweaver is the third Ravenloss Saga class. It is available after level 50 for 1800 DCs at Secundus in the Fire Paradigm in Unvoided Ravenloss, and as such requires completion of Book 3 Ravenloss to obtain.

How do you get master SoulWeaver?

Master SoulWeaver is the second Ravenloss Saga class. It is unlocked by talking to Tomix after completing Tomix’s Saga Epilogue. Master SoulWeaver gains skills alongside SoulWeaver, and as such costs 17 Shards of the Spirit-Loom to fully train. This class requires a Dragon Amulet.

Where is Secundus DragonFable?

Helpful! Location: Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, The End of the Beginning, Just Chillin’, The Fire Paradigm, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day???

Is DragonFable over?

Dragonfable, a flash game created by Artix Entertainment, will be celebrating 14 years of existence on December 1, 2019. And it is still going strong despite the looming end of support of Flash in 2020.

Can you play DragonFable on phone?

Play AdventureQuest 3D on your PC, Mac, Apple, or Android device!