How do I find my J number CCP?

How do I find my J number CCP?

How do I find my J number CCP?

Your J number is your student ID number and was assigned to you by the College upon admission. If you cannot locate it, please email [email protected].

What is your j number?

The J Number is a unique identifier for each person in our computer systems. The J Number is much like a social security number meaning that you should keep it protected. Only give your J Number to College staff that request it. The J Number is also called the Banner ID.

How do I access my CCP email?

Go to CCP’s Canvas site: (Please bookmark this link.) Enter your MyCCP Username (for example, jsmith) and the password you just set. Click on Log In. use in the username box!

What is the most prestigious community college?

Best Community Colleges in the U.S.

Overall Rank Community College Total Score
1 State Technical College of Missouri 72.61
2 College of San Mateo 69.25
3 Saddleback College 68.84
4 Butte College 67.71

What is the biggest community college?

Biggest Community Colleges

  • Broward College: Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Houston Community College: Houston, TX.
  • Austin Community College: Austin, TX.
  • College of Southern Nevada: North Las Vegas, NV.
  • City College of San Francisco: San Francisco, CA.
  • Santa Monica College: Santa Monica, CA.
  • Pasadena City College: Pasadena, CA.

Why is Canada the most educated country in the world?

Canadian phenomenal success in school tests is even more surprising because the usual top performers in this category are usually compact countries with the highly centralized educational system and an overarching national strategy for each part of the education system.

What is the #1 community college in California?

Pasadena City College is ranked #1 for first-year retention rates on our list of Top Community Colleges in CA. A perennial contender on our list of top ten community colleges in the state of California, the Pasadena City College is one of the largest community colleges in the country and a high performer.